With the emergence of modern Asian gastronomy it was felt the region needed its own range of world class glass stem to complete its dining experience rather than being dependent on imported established premium glassware brands. Having the right glass is now a key element of the modern Asian dining experience. The glass needs to feel light, comfortable and elegant as its lifted up from the table.

Cr. Photo: Cru Bar

The purest clarity is key to being able to appreciate the subtle hues in the colour of the wine. The shape to optimize its aroma, 90% of tasting is actually done by the sense of smell. Shape is equally important as it controls how the wine flows into the mouth. Where it comes into contact with the tongue is key to optimizing the tasting experience. Having the right stemware contributes to maximising the lifestyle pleasure of bespoke dining.

Story by Laurence Civil 

Cr. Photo MKrub 

Here are my tips how to choose right glasses to tailor your favourite wine with friends or family. 

  • Shape It Up – The finest qualities of shape, thinness, smoothness and clarity was confirmed when hospitality professionals and dining enthusiasts were invited to tasting at which they were blindfolded.

Cr. Photo: Amano Bar

  • Taste Experience – Smooth & seamless stems allows the user to comfortably hold the glass without the users hands coming into contact with the bowl. This prevents body heat from changing the precise temperature the beverage had been professionally poured to optimise the taste experience.
  • Sensory Experience – The laser cut rim provides elegance and a refined refined sensory experience when the glass makes contact with the lips.

Cr. Photo: MKrub 

  • True Colour – The stemware’s pure transparency allows the user to fully appreciate and enjoy the true colour of the beverage it holds, giving the necessary understanding of its quality.
  • Size does Matter – The oversized bowl allows its contents to be swirled, drawing in air which optimises both the taste and aroma of the beverage.

Wine Republic:Lucaris Desire Collection, Robust Red with Aerlumer

Lucaris is Asia’s first and only luxury crystal glass brand with world class design & quality. A collective achievement between Ocean Glass of Thailand, Toyo-Saski Glass and Martin Ballendat, a multiple award winning German designer.

Lucaris glass placed in one hand and a similar shaped glass of a leading European manufacturer in the other, the same beverage beverage was poured into each. In this blind tasting most found it difficult to identify which was the imported glass. This proves that Lucaris stemware delivers a similar or often better taste experience than a crystal glass from a leading European brand. The brand is inspired by modern Asian cities lifestyle, evoking a winning sense that enables whatever beverage is poured into the glass to fully develop it’s aromas and taste to compliment and optimise the modern Asian gastronomy experience.

Cru Bar: Lucaris Hong Kong Hip Collection, Champage & Cabernet

Lucaris stemware has been designed and crafted with precision, focusing on every aspect of the smallest details to ensure both functionality and aesthetic qualities to awaken on the senses to satisfy the demands of modern Asian gourmets.

The latest wine glass in the Lucaris series is “Desire Collection” inspired by the magic of Aerlumer@.- the most signature of wine glass innovation, its created by the five curved lines cut into the bottom of the glass designed  increase the micro-oxidation and a softening of the  while swirling, allowing the wine to develop a better taste when exposed to air. A strategic design to avoid being distracted by the wines colours.

Cr. Photo: MKrub 

Bangkok’s leading Bars who have chosen Lucaris as their stemware of choice.

Amano Bar – a modern Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit 39

Cru Bar – the roof top bar on 59th floor of Centara Grand at Central World

MKrub Bar – a modern Chinese dining experience at the Cube Mahanakorn

Wine Republic – bistro meets restaurant in Thonglor

Amano Bar: Lucaris Shanghai Soul Bordeaux Grande

Bangkok’s leading hotels who have chosen Lucaris as their stemware of choice.

  • Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
  • Banyan Tree
  • Pullman G
  • J W Marriott

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