Hillman Lentz is one of the founders of Hathor Investment Group, and has overall responsibility for the identification of new and evolving markets, business plan creation and funding management for the companies under his stewardship. These include the high-end private members clubs “Club Perdomo” and “The ChindAsia Club” around Asia and the Middle East, “Whisgars” Asia’s Premier Whisky and Cigar Bars (open to the public), an Online Whisky and Cigar Distribution Business, a Reseller Sale Channel for Whisky and Cigars and a Whisky Investment Portfolio.

Hillman began his career in the early 80’s in the venture capital business and later co-founded Holloman Diversified Management Corporation, a venture capital & management consulting firm, the primary focus of which was to fund and manage start-ups. Hillman’s strength has been his uncanny ability to identify new and evolving markets and then to either find or create businesses to fit within those markets.

He is a talented strategist, and has very strong experience in establishing distribution channels, managing operations during the growth phase, and creating profitable long-term brand development plans. In 1991 he created Hathor Investment Group Limited (of which he is still Chairman), and began to focus on the acquisition, investment and the growth of entrepreneurial Start-Ups within the lifestyle arena.

Hillman has been a lecturer for INSEAD University’s “Entrepreneurship in Action” program, and enjoys working with entrepreneurs and young people with vision. He is married, with three children and has three grandchildren. Hillman resides in Thailand with his wife, and is a passionate whisky and cigar aficionado.

(From left to right) Mr. Paul Poole, Founder, Managing Director & Chairman  Paul Poole (South East Asia) Company Limited, Mr. Hillman Lentz, Chairman of Hathor Investment Group Limited, and Mr. Nick Wheatley, Managing Director, Events4Trade presided over the launch of the APCWL Lifestyle Expo 2015

Upcoming Project in Asia: APCWL 2015 lifestyle expo marks shift towards Asia as world’s top luxury consumer region 23-25 October 2015, Royal Phuket Marina

The world’s first Asia Pacific Cigar, Whisky & Lifestyle Expo, APCWL 2015, will be inaugurated in Phuket at the Royal Phuket Marina from 23-25 October 2015, and is the first event of its type to be held under the APCWL luxury products forum concept.

Bringing together luxury product retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, consumers, collectors and traders, APCWL will offer one of the largest presentations of luxury goods ever assembled in a Southeast Asia expo, with the event designed specifically to cater towards affluent stakeholders across the region. Attracting millionaires and billionaires from all over Asia and beyond, APCWL offers exhibitors and sponsors the very best opportunity to showcase their products to High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

APCWL 2015 is dedicated to offering a premier sourcing channel across a great many luxury product categories, including: cigars & accessories (featuring the largest range of cigars in Asia), fine wines, catering, restaurants & fine cuisine, whisky (again, Asia’s largest single-source collection), spirits and premium beers, coffee, watches, jewelry and collectables, prestige cars & bikes, jet skis & water sports equipment, airlines, hotels & resorts, boating & cruising, spas & healthcare and luxury property.

Hillman Lentz, CEO and President, Hathor Investment Group, explains: “Growth in numerous luxury markets across Asia has been remarkably solid. The net wealth of Asian millionaires has now eclipsed that of rich Europeans. The wealth held in Asia now stands at $9.7 trillion, compared with $9.5 trillion in Europe, with Asia now home to 3.3 million High Net Worth Individuals.

Currently 27% of all global luxury goods are bought in Asia and 43% are bought by Asian consumers. The region is expected to account for around 40% of the world’s luxury demand by 2014 and to have reached a value of over USD$310 billion by 2015. These are exactly the correct sort of conditions that will foster the growth of APCWL 2015 as a groundbreaking regional event.”
He continues, “A new generation of consumers who are seeking superior lifestyle experiences have helped to fuel significant growth in the luxury goods market.

Whisky is often synonymous with luxury, while the overall beverage category comprises 30 percent of the food and beverage market; demand for gourmet food is unrelenting. Cigar sales are growing in excess of 18% per annum with single malt whisky increasing by more than 21% per annum. There are many luxury industries that can benefit from a powerful and convenient forum such as APCWL 2015.”

Organized by Hathor, this three-day event is billed as a major luxury goods networking opportunity attracting the crème de la crème of Asia. Asia is the single largest and fastest growing market forhigh-end luxury lifestyle products in the world today, and is leading the world in the expansion of middle and high-income earners. APCWL has over 20 premium cigar brands already confirmed, plus major single malt whisky distilleries as part of a superb billing; additionally, the Expo will contain educational events and conferences with special guest speakers. It is a complete program of engagement for luxury lifestyle stake holders region-wide.

The APCWL Lifestyle Expo will also feature a series of Special Events, including workshops covering ‘The Luxury Lifestyle Market in Asia–Pacific,’ the ‘Advantages of Hospitality Venues stocking Cigars,’ the ‘Growth of Whisky in Asia-Pacific,’ the ‘Growth of Cigars in Asia-Pacific,’ ‘Laws and Legislation for Cigars and Whisky in Asia-Pacific,’ and the ‘Value of Single-Cask Whisky.’

APCWL Lifestyle Expo is organized by Hathor Investment Group Limited and is marketed internationally through the Paul Poole (South East Asia) Company Limited, and supported by the Royal Phuket Marina and The Village Coconut Island resort as host venue sponsors.

Exhibitors include: Beluga Vodka, Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show/Ocean Property, Pernod Ricard, Phuket International Boat Show (PIMEX), William Grant & Sons, CRAFT “Craft Beers”, Whisgars™ and The ChindAsia Club.

Official Media Partners include: Mangu Magazine, Cigar Journal, Esquire, Town and Country, Bangkok Post/Post Today, Palace/Yacht Style, Playboy, HELM Super Yacht Asia Pacific, Live 89.5,, Property Report South East Asia, Robb Report, SEA Yachting, RL Magazine, The Greater Phuket Magazine and Phuket News Newspaper.

The APCWL is hosted over three days, with Day One designated as Media, VIP and Trade, Day Two as trade day, and Day Three – by special invitation only.

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