A true institution of French gastronomy, Maison Lameloise has witnessed three Lameloise generations of culinary legacy before welcoming Eric Pras, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004 (MOF), a unique and prestigious award in France according to the category of trades in a contest amongst craftsmanship professionals every four years), to the Lameloise ‘family affair’ in 2008 in Burgundy, France.

Chef Eric Pras took the helm from the legendary Chef Jacques Lameloise “an example of transference of the philosophy; the culinary art has remained faithful to the dictum of the house; Tradition is innovation!” of which Pras admits his ambition “continue the history of the maison and uphold the current level of excellence, a true spirit of a place where tradition and modernity work harmoniously together” that synchronizes into this nearly one-hundred year old Maison.


Pras naturally recapturing the Burgundian gem with its elegant simplicity, Burgundy tradition is evidently transferred onto your plate for an exceptional meal from appetizer to dessert. He asserts his personality in the kitchen and essentially respects the products and harmony of flavours first. His culinary inspiration is drawn from the resources of the land where dishes and wines have always had a privileged composition, and his cuisine is renowned for its ultra-precise, delicate balance, technical rigor and thoughts around the products to highlight the meticulously executed menu with sublime flavours and traditional enrichment.


During his culinary journeys, he had worked alongside with world’s greatest chefs including Maison Troisgros, Bernard Loiseua Saulieu, Pierre Gagnaire, Antoine Westermann, Belle Otero and Regis Marcon, some of whom had previously staged their culinary delights at Le Normandie, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, Thailand’s only listed Les Grande Tables du Monde restaurant.

During his residency at Le Normandie, Pras will present;

  • 5-course lunch at Baht 4,500++ (or Baht 5,297.-net)
  • 7-course dinner at Baht 8,400++ (or Baht 9,887.-net)
  • Exclusive 7-course ‘Flavours of Burgundy’ Wine Dinner on Saturday 14 January 2017 at Baht 12,900++ (or Baht 15,184.-net)

For more information, please contact +66 2 659 9000 ext Le Normandie or email Early reservations are highly recommended.