Reinventing the city nightclub scene: Bangkok’s Nightclub Guru

CHI Ultralounge showcases Daryl’s unique brand of funky aesthetic and a quirky sense of artistic avant-garde style called “FUNK SHUI” to bring a much-needed new direction to Bangkok’s premium nightclub scene.

Through CHI, Daryl is breathing an energizing lifeforce into what was once the ultimate dance-music venue in Bangkok with a full renovation of the once iconic, spaceship-esque Bed Supperclub. Daryl has been a well-known star of the nightclub scene in Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand, as well as in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) for nearly 15 years.

The native New Yorker first cut his creative teeth with Bangkok’s pioneering Q Bar, before taking on the legendary Mystique and dark cavern-like space of The Tunnel , propelling the city’s club scene towards international status. It was an evolution from staid, high-end hotel clubs to hip dance spots inspired by innovative, artistic design and worldly classic house and future funk motifs.

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