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UNIQLO, the No.1 Fashion brand from Japan, today launched the latest collection for Spring/Summer 2013 with arrays of color and print design clothing, new UT graphics T-shirt collection, as well as the innovative functional wear. In addition, UNIQLO also announced its latest global brand concept “LifeWear”, with its definition; You feel it as you slip them on. So comfortable, so right, so you - clothes that are who you are and where you are going. LifeWear. Clothes for a better life for everyone, every day. 

Mr. Takahiro Nishimura, Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated that “After the successful openings of UNIQLO 6 stores in Bangkok recently, This year UNIQLO is preparing to open 4 more stores, includes 2 stores in Bangkok at CentralPlaza Changwattana and Fashion Island; as well as the other 2 stores in major cities includes at Central Festival Pattaya Beach and at Promonada Resort Mall in Chiang Mai respectively.”

“As for the products,  UNIQLO proudly presents its latest  Spring/ Summer 2013 collection, with arrays of color and prints design clothing, give the consumers the fun to mix and match to their style. In addition, UNIQLO is announcing the latest global brand concept “LifeWear”, which Thailand is the third country in the world that UNIQLO selected to launch our proud concept to. LifeWear can be defined as the perception by the wearer him/herself reflecting on how great they feel when they wear UNIQLO clothing and as a result, to can better their lives.“ Mr. Nishimura added.  

UNIQLO “Spring/Summer 2013” collection offers  varieties of colors and print designs clothing with the high quality fabric of Japanese standard which you the freedom in mix and matching  to create the wearer’s own style this summer. The year, UNIQLO presents the key product categories include Color and Prints; Functional Wear such as Airism; and lastly, UT collections with new graphics and designs. These products will let your stylish imagination flows this summer.

Colors & Prints Featuring beautiful prints in a rich selection of colors, UNIQLO’s spring/summer 2013 collection will really make you feel that spring has arrived with an exciting array of new stunning vivid and pastel colors as well as print variations. Highlights include sharply cut Skinny Fit jeans, UNIQLO’s much loved, no-fuss Leggings Pants. The highlight of the women’s shorts lineup is new designs created in collaboration with celebrated textile designers. In addition to the premium linen collection, is a superb selection of very feminine, must-have dresses for both casual and formal occasions as well as UNIQLO polo shirts with so many great designs which includes the radical redesigns of the classic summer polo shirt.  All are a great choice this summer.


Functional Wear AIRism: UNIQLO launches the latest innovation which creates summer innerwear that “feels so light and cool you will feel like you have nothing on” is making its long awaited worldwide debut. Prepare to be amazed by innerwear that keeps you comfortable all day, every day.  With innovative functions such as moisture absorption and release, heat release, antibacterial, anti-odor, these are perfect for humid temperature like Thailand.  AIRism will change conventional wisdom about innerwear forever.


Steteco & Relaco:  After a hit debut last year, UNQILO bring back the cool and relaxed UNIQLO’s unique line of casual pants for this summer with—Steteco for men and Relaco for women. Featuring UNIQLO’s quick-drying DRY function, Steteco and Relaco are made from specially selected fabrics such as cotton that feel great to the touch.  These one-of-a-kind lines with Japanese-style pants of the under-the-knee length from UNIQLO are set to change summers forever.

UT (UNIQLO  T-Shirt) 
UNIQLO is offering the new UNIQLO graphic designed T-Shirt from World’s famous brands and characters such as iliann loeb, leurlogette, SUNO, plumpynut, Creative Filmmakers, Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star), Star Wars, Pixar, Sanrio. In addition, UNIQLO also launches the new collaboration collection with CABBAGES & ROSES, GreenGate, CELIA BIRTWELL and e.m. meets JAPAN brands with special colors and designs which perfect for this Summer time.


Get ready for the UNIQLO’s  Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Clothes that will refresh your life with “LifeWear” brand concept  that will represent you as who you are at all UNIQLO stores.
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