All you want to know about Chef Ton and more  – As a kid Chef Ton loved to cook, however his family were uncomfortable with him becoming a professional Chef. Being a good son he respected their requests, he graduated in Economics at Chula and became an investment banker. He hated the job and quit within three months – his true calling was to become a chef. He struck a deal with his family – if he could complete his MBA, which he did in 18 months, he had their blessing to study at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

Story by Laurence Civil

Having interned at Eleven Madison Park, he went onto work as a bus boy at Jean George, just to give him a feel of what it was like to work in a Michelin star restaurant.

His concept for Le Du was the result of a development project he worked on while studying at CIA . His cooking style is “modern Thai inspired cuisine made with 99% local ingredients using the latest modern techniques. His biggest challenges is to source the nest quality local ingredents.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Award 2018 

When he goes out to eat he is looking to escape the technical precision of his food style of his own kitchen rather he is looking for simple comfort food that has been well executed. Ideally it should something where that offers great tasty food that is reasonably priced. His choice of restaurant would be Bo-lan in their relatively new location of Sukhumvit Soi 53.

Chef Ton’s favourite dish is Neua Pad Krapow, Stir fried beef with basil, eats it may be five time a week. It’s a ubiquitous Thai fast food dish, their equivalent to a westerners burger. It comes served with boiled rice, sliced cucumber, chopped chillies and limes in fish sauce topped with a fried egg.

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Being a professional chef it’s hard for him to just switch off and enjoy the experience. He confesses it’s hard not to seek out the imperfections in others chefs work. What annoys him as a customer is the behaviour of his fellow dinners on the adjacent table and the lack of attention of the service staff.

The obsessive professional who is always seeking a better quality of dining experience. He pushes himself as hard as he expects from others. He is addicted to perfection without compromise.

Le Du, 399/3 Silom Soi 7, Bangkok, Thailand

Nearest Train: BTS Chong Nonsi
Tel: Phone: 092-919-9969


Baan, Thai Family Recipes – Bib Gourmand

The word “BAAN” means home in Thai.  The restaurant created by Thitid Tassanakajohn for Le Du fame. He serves comfortable home style dishes drawing on his family’ recipes made with ethically sourced Thai ingredients keeping it in the family his younger brother Chaisiri  runs front of house.

Eat – comfortable authentic family style Thai dishes

Drink – wines carefully selected by Chef Ton who is also a certified sommelier

Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm, dinner 6-10.30pm closed Tuesday

139-9 Wireless Road, Tel + 66 2655 8995


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