From Denmark and has over 30 years expiring in Management, Sales, Marketing, Consulting and Coaching. Lars founded the company ThaiEstate Asia Group in 2003 after a previous military engagement with the Royal Thai Marines in Sattahip in 2002.
He realized the great potential in the region and introduced the initial possibility of investment in the Thai Real Estate market and started to focus on Scandinavian clients and grew later his international clientele.
He is a proactive and dynamic person and engaged himself in many activities, participating in TV game show like Survivor, Big Brother and more…He was 3 years ago in Afghanistan in the Helmand province as an active solider …Reaching 50 doesn’t stop you from doing all that !
Lars has built a large network here in Thailand at many levels, and this is one of the strong signs of his success here in Thailand. He has his personal Buddhism mentor in Luangpoo Mai Intasin. He also spares some of his time to develop a small dynamic forum for Thai women who want to become more independent – Facebook with “Girl Power Thailand” and looks at expanding its online presence.
Today he works as consulter for clients who want to invest in Thailand especially in hotel and resort business. His is also partner in REALPhuket.Net where he leads the commercial division.

To learn more about his business, please visit ThaiEstate.Asia

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