Considering that many Thai don’t eat beef, Bangkok has a well established steakhouse culture. Great diversity in the range of meats and cuts available as well as price point. Thankfully many are now serving cuts in a size that is a pleasure rather than a challenge to eat.

Story by Laurence Civil

New York

Large leather armchairs, spacious tables and black and white framed photos of the big apple create the feel of a private New York private dinning club. The finest fresh chilled certified grade A grain feed beef from the United States, Australia and Japan cooked at high temperature on a lava stone grill. The preparation of the Caesar Salad is dinning theatre.


The Capital

Water Library’s first grill and bar concept. The décor is inspired by 1930 grandiose banks as in the James Cagney American crime drama “Public Enemy” (1931). Chef de Cuisine Sebastian Schaffer serves value for money steaks in easy to digest 150gms portion. KImichiku is a Japanese beef unique to Water Library.

The District

The District

A modern upscale steakhouse focusing on American style grilling quality cuts of beef from Queensland, Australia. A short non-challenging concise menu, the affordable quality steakhouse.


The style is classic with a touch of Art Deco. Owner Artur Kluczweski is the master of steakhouse. This expression is the American in Paris, an American style steakhouse with a gourmet menu delivered with French flair. Iron Chef Olivier Castella is in charge of the kitchen.

PRIME Steakhouse

The only steakhouse with a river view. Very classic with big leather chairs, large wine cellar and an open kitchen. US, Australia and Japanese (Miyazaki) cuts expertly cooked by Thai Chef Sethasak.

R R & B

A non-stereo type steakhouse, no dark wood panelling, nor big masculine wooden tables. Instead a more sexy sophisticated décor with an eye catching red palette. They serve five types of beef Australian gran-fed, US Angus, Wagyu, Matsuzaka and Thai French.

Despite Four Seasons rebranding to Anantara, Madison continues as usual. A bright open high end contemporary restaurant designed by Tony Chi. An extensive selection of the finest cuts of meat from Australia & Japan served with exceptional service.


Fireplace Grill

A legendary steakhouse dating back to 1966. In the day it had a log burning fireplace, it’s look today is modern with a relaxed interior. An open kitchen with central mounted charcoal grills adds to the dining theatre.

El Gaucho

They offer traditional Argentinian specialities with a modern ambiance and outstanding service and hospitality. Here they serve fresh high quality local ingredients combined with imported cuts from Australia & America.



Named after the first U.S. Ambassador accredited to the Court of Siam. The feel is more 1950’s than 1920’s with hardwood floors and sepia royal portraits on the wall. A Thai take on a steakhouse catering mostly for bourgeoise Thai families.