“For a long time, you could say Bangkok was Asia’s best-kept foodie secret. Lightning shophouse restaurants, selling the same star dishes over multiple generations, comprised a culinary landscape of modest gems. It was fabulous, but not at all well-balanced. Just a decade ago, Bangkok was home to just a handful of high-end bars and restaurants, with no indication that the scene would get more refined or flex its creative muscles any time soon.

“Since the advent of COVID, many restaurants have either shut down or had to adjust their services.” We are currently in the process of checking out restaurants in the area to help guide you towards the best options. Here are some of our top picks so far, with more to come.”

Maison Dunand Bangkok Thailand – The 2023 Michelin Experience, French Contemporary Restaurant

“Racines et Voyages – Roots and Travels” … Chef Arnaud is the mastermind behind this joint, and he’s taking us on a journey through his culinary roots with a tasting menu inspired by his childhood. But it’s not just a trip down memory lane – he has also worked in some of the most renowned fine dining restaurants for 26 years and traveled around the globe, bringing all of his expertise to the table for Maison Dunand 2.0, his newest edition. Read more click

A traditional Edomae sushi omakase restaurant with a solo chef and six-seat capacity. Chef Seiji Sudo is incredibly humble and doesn’t say much, but his food speaks for itself.

Unlike most typical omakase restaurants, where the focus is often on entertaining clients and catering to Instagrammers, this particular restaurant places all its emphasis on the exquisite quality of the sushi. The chef’s unwavering dedication to his craft takes the sushi omakase experience to a whole new level. The quality of the seasonal ingredients used in each dish is truly exceptional, and we were blown away by the masterful combination of flavors and textures that the chef achieved. Read more click

Alpea is a restaurant that reflects Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthiers passion for French cuisine and culture. With its unique interior designed like a warm and cozy chalet, Alpea feels like a home away from home. Chef Arnaud’s vision is to create a gourmet dining experience in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that transports guests to the heart of Savoie, France. At Alpea, he showcases the recipes and flavors of his childhood in Savoie and other regions of France. The restaurant offers simple and delicious cuisine that emphasizes high-quality ingredients. Read more click

The Italian Job: La Scala Restaurant, Sukhothai Bangkok 2023

Led by Eugenio Cannoni, Marco Polato and the crew. La Scala Restaurant, Sukhothai Bangkok located on Sathorn road, offers new European winter journeys. 

When it comes to culinary destinations that truly push the boundaries of innovation, look no further than the award-winning La Scala. With its blend of classic and progressive Italian cuisine, paired with the finest European wines, this restaurant is a coveted gem for foodies around the globe. But it’s not just the food that sets La Scala apart – it’s the stunning poolside setting, which seamlessly blends contemporary decor with The Sukhothai’s rich cultural heritage. Read more click

GUILTY, The Upscale Hangout in Thailand

The upscale hangout in Bangkok, GUILTY  offers modern Latin American cuisine. You will surprise with some of their dishes, Peruvian flavours with a Nikkei twist. 

The interior space combines bold geometry with earthy green and amber tones to create a distinctive aesthetic inspired by the works of Richard Artschwager and the pop art movement. Read more click

TAAN, a modern Thai fine dining rooftop restaurant

5 mins walking distance from BTS Sky Train, National Stadium station.  The restaurant located on the 25th Floor of Siam@Siam Design Hotel & Spa, this first Thai rooftop restaurant serves new tasting menu in the fine casual dining style and I am here tonight to explore this unique journey.

The team welcomed me with the stunning panoramic sunset view of Bangkok. Yes, I’ve heard about the restaurant and Chef Monthep “Thep” Kamolsilp, who’s been curating all of his cooking and traveling experiences and put them into each and every single element of his dishes. Read more click

L’Escargot Bistro

Its very close to BTS Ploenchit station, just 5 mins walking to the restaurant. It’s located in Raumruedee road in between Soi 2 -3. I’ts very easy to find. 

An all day Bistro serving up some finest French and European Flair cuisines with casual settings. The menu items are crafted with highly quality ingredients, and there is plenty choices of champagnes, wines to accompany your dishes and find the best pairing.  Read more click

Siam Yacht Club at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers

If you’re looking for a unique and inviting destination in Bangkok, the Siam Yacht Club at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers is definitely worth checking out. 

This place seamlessly blends traditional cultural elements with modern dining and entertainment, creating an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and relaxed. Whether you’re a visitor to the city or a local resident, there’s something for everyone at the Siam Yacht Club – from delicious cuisine to stylish lounges and exciting social events. Read more click

More coming, please stay tune!