80/20 Bangkok’s Modern Thai Restaurant – Charoen Krung Road

When it comes to monsoon season, Thais usually enjoy eating local products from wide vegetables, herbs, mushroom, ant’s eggs, and more!

‘Joe’ Napol Jantraget is one of the Thai chefs that always do their best using local ingredients and further influenced by regional cuisines, they offer their personal reinterpretations of Thai foods through the uses of both traditional and modern cooking methods.

Joe and his wife (pastry chef) Saki Hoshino are humble chefs, very down to earth. They bring their collective know-how and passions of Thai foods through the new tasting menu.

Their new tasting menu incorporates only local products into the dishes while seeking to bring out the unique taste of each ingredient.

Here is a short video from our visit, enjoy viewing!

Monsoon Season “Full Experience” Tasting Menu

A journey of taste with full of excitement and endless possibilities of local ingredients & fermentation.

Under the concept of “Rethink, Reapproach, Rediscover and Revise Thai Foods” by  Joe and his team make our experience there were so special.

Here are some of the highlights: 








Local Beef, Red Koji Curry, Bamboo, Sticky Rice


Overall, we really enjoy our time here. The kitchen and service team are amazing. They well trained, great confident and willing to assist guest all the time. They are happy to share information about food tips and how to enjoy more while we dine-in restaurant.

I highly recommend this restaurant, if you have not been there. I am sure that they will be busy after Thailand’s Micheline Guide 2020 announcement at the end of the year 2019.

Address: 1052-1054 Charoen Krung Rd, (0.98 mi)

Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Tel: 099 118 2200


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