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Established for networking amongst people who passionate about luxurious things, and Asia’s professionals.

Wanida Tardivel, Founder of Luxury Society Asia. Her travel & hospitality experiences also include leadership positions with luxury brands and MarTech companies.


Wanida Tardivel, Founder - Luxury Society Asia

Luxury Society Asia aim at promoting and strengthening business relationships among sophisticated and affluent professionals in Thailand & Asia, through mutual interest in all things luxurious.

Today, The Club attracts professionals from diverse business backgrounds including the financial and banking sector, company owners, executives, senior management, celebrities, local influencers, journalists, and bloggers.

Our members also includes representatives from many local and national companies who meet to exchange views, opinions, we also do refer business to our members, and business partners

We work closely with global media, bloggers and luxury concierge clubs. We do believe in people power, network, fair treatment, to give and to get, and support member where we can.

Members frequently communicate to each other by mail, social media channels, meet in person at our inspiring networking event/party nights.

Contact usEmail: LuxurySocietyAsia@gmail.com

Currently, we have more than 60,000 members: individual & representative of companies

Luxury Society Asia   250, 000 Pageviews/month

Facebook Fanpage Luxury Society Asia: 110,000 followers

Luxury Society Thai & Facebook Fanpage Luxury: 9,800 followers

Luxury Business Association: Luxury Club: 6,000 members

Linked in: 29,250 followers

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Youtube: 1,100 subscribers

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E-mail: luxurysocietyasia@gmail.com

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Amazing Thailand Luxury 

Thailand has always been a destination of choice; there is a myriad of attractions from its islands and beaches to the cuisine and big city vibe of Bangkok. The Kingdom also has a long tradition of catering to luxury travellers. In recent years, Thailand has seen the emergence of spectacular health and wellness resorts, and intimate boutique pool villas located in some of the most scenic parts of the Kingdom.

Thailand Elite 

The Amazing Thailand Luxury Travel guides is part of our continuing effort to help make Thailand the first-choice destination. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is proud to have teamed up with Luxury Society Asia and its team of distinguished writers to come up with several lists and ideas to help you enjoy Thailand’s take on the luxury lifestyle.

It puts the best experiences in the Kingdom all in one place. From the finest luxury hotels and travel experiences to exclusive destinations, from resorts, spas and luxury cruises for a family vacation to a romantic getaway… plus the finest restaurants and shopping malls that Thailand has to offer.

Amazing Thailand Gastronomy 

Today, wealthy travellers are seeking new “Discover Thainess” experiences. It is not just about friendly people, but what Thailand does really well is luxury with the emerging of Thainess that can be found throughout the Kingdom. From six-star super-deluxe resorts to restaurants fronted by Michelin-star chefs, from laid-back beachside holidays to high adventure, and from shopping breaks to romantic cruises, it has it all.

We look forward to welcoming you, along with your family and friends for what could be the holiday of a lifetime.

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