About Us & Our Luxury Community in Asia

Luxury Society Asia – We aimed at promoting and strengthening business relationships among sophisticated and affluent professionals in Asia, through our mutual interests.

The club established for networking amongst people who passionate about luxurious things, unique experiences and Asia’s professionals.

Today, The Club attracts professionals from diverse business backgrounds including the financial and banking sector, company owners, executives, senior management, celebrities, local influencers, journalists, and bloggers.

Our members also includes representatives from many local and national companies who meet to exchange views, opinions, we also do refer business to our members, and business partners

We work closely with global media, bloggers and luxury concierge clubs. We do believe in people power, network, fair treatment, to give and to get, and support member where we can.

Members frequently communicate to each other by mail, social media channels, meet in person at our inspiring networking event/party nights.

Currently, we have 60,000 subscribers/members: individual & representative of companies

Luxury Society Asia Facebook Fanpage Luxury Society Asia: 120,000 followers

Thai Blog & Facebook Fanpage Luxury Society Thailand: 9,800 followers

Facebook Group: Luxury Club: 6,000 members

Linked in: 30,200 followers

Youtube: 1,400 subscribers 

Twitter: 2,105 followers 

Instagram  3,570 followers

Pinterest  6,500 views/months 

Contact us: E-mail: luxurysocietyasia@gmail.com

Advertising: Tel: 66 (0) 87 276 5520

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