Alexander Chetchikov: Transforming The Luxury Lifestyle Awards For Digital

Alexander Chetchikov, Founder and CEO of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, recently sat down with Luxe Digital to discuss the history behind the prestigious awards and the digital transformation that he’s driving for the company.

With a degree in marketing and communication, Alexander worked in the luxury industry for the past 10 years. He helped brands such as Visa, Intercontinental Hotel, and Pernod Ricard reach and connect with their affluent consumers.

Having lived and travelled across multiple countries, Alexander’s professional network spans across Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia. He now helps luxury brands by mobilising his network to influence and promote his clients’ brands online.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards is the first and only international awards organisation dedicated exclusively to celebrating excellence in luxury goods and services. The awards initially started as an offline ceremony, but is now becoming purely digital. Indeed, the platform aims at celebrating best in class luxury brands and promote relevant brands to an affluent audience.

“Our objective is to become the world’s number one luxury ranking platform,” says Alexander. “We want to cover as many countries and market segments as we can – and not only for popular niches such as hotels, spas, restaurants, wine, but also many others, like development, green tourism, nutrition, accessories, and luxury experience.”

For Alexander credibility is the most important factor that brands need to master if they want to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. And this is why prestigious recognitions such as the Luxury Lifestyle Awards are so important for brands today.

Read the full interview of Alexander Chetchikov to understand how digital is transforming the luxury industry and how the Luxury Lifestyle Awards helps brands stay relevant in an increasingly online world.

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