Amazing Thailand  “Open to the New Shades”

Thailand is a country known to travelers across the world for its signature dishes, beaches, cultural festivals and most of all, the kindness of Thai people and their smiles. These qualities are some of Thailand’s amazing assets that, over the years, have helped make visits truly memorable.

Even though the country is well recognized among travelers for its charms, there are lots of hidden, diversified and unique local cultural experience that are yet to be discovered. Unexplored travel locations, local food and craftsmanship await, ready to offer never-before-seen experience to visitors. 

TAT and BBDO Bangkok hope that Amazing Thailand ‘Open to the New Shades’ – TAT’s international marketing communications campaign of 2018 – will be able to offer a variety of experience that travelers can freely customize to create their very own journeys in Thailand. This campaign aims to introduce the new shades of Thailand, by inviting travelers from around the world to experience Thailand through a different lens, and shed light on Thailand’s celebration of diversity. It hopes to encourage travelers to open their minds to the new travel experience Thailand has to offer, just as Thailand is opening its arms to welcome them.

To best reach its target audience, world travelers who seek enriching, new experience, BBDO Bangkok has created a 2-minute online short-film. It features three different groups of travelers who encounter unexplored, new shades of Thailand, which makes them realize that traveling with an open-mind can change their views of themselves and of the world. Discover their journeys at:

Moreover, in order to celebrate and awaken the spirit within, Thailand also calls out footages from travelers who have ever visited Thailand to participate in ‘Thailand Footage Trading’ project which will be promoted through 3 short films. For those travelers who are interested and would like to engage in this project can share their stories [VDOs and images] on their social media with hashtag #OpenToTheNewShades #AmazingThailand . The owner of the selected footage or image will get the special prizes in return.


For examples:  

Kan Yao Durian: Mrs.Samai, the fruit farmer in Nonthaburi, swaps the footage from traveler by giving Kan Yao Durian in return. And because Kan Yao Durian is the most expensive durian in the world. Therefore, the prize for one piece of Kan Yao could go up as much as 700USD.

Watch the clip at;

Limited Collection Jacket made from Thai Indigo Dyed fabric: These limited edition jackets are designed by Thai designer, Mel Sangsomsap, from the brand SSAP which was originally founded in New York City. SSAP will swap the footages from travelers by giving limited edition jacket in return.

The product is the combination of Thai local wisdom and contemporary craftsmanship.

Watch the clip at;

Cooking Lesson with Chef Bo: Bo.lan, a one-michelin-star restaurant for the exquisite works. Ms. Bo agrees to share her secret recipe for the very first time in the “Exclusive Cooking Class” in exchange for the footage from travelers.

Watch the clip at;

Every selected footage will be re-edited and made into the most diverse tourism film ever, to show the beauty of diversity and help promote Thailand’s tourism.Mr. Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Bangkok said, “Thailand’s ‘Open to the New Shades’ is not just an advertising concept, but also a philosophy that we are proud to announce to the world. We want to encourage global citizens to embrace the spirit of diversity, discover the unknown, and be open-minded to everything and everyone. Those ready to embrace new possibilities can discover millions of shades waiting for them in Thailand, a country long celebrated for its diversity. This will provide greater depth to Thailand’s tourism industry.”

Mr.Somkiat Larptanunchaiwong, Chief Executive Officer of BBDO Bangkok said, “BBDO Bangkok captures ongoing global matters, merge them with creative ideas and Thailand’s unique features, before turning them into a unique selling-point that adds value to the Amazing Thailand campaign.We believe that ‘Open to the New Shades’ will foster the spirit of travels, inspire the new generation to travel with an open-mind, and encourage visits to Thailand.”

BBDO Bangkok has been awarded Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s creative duty for its new global advertising campaign Amazing Thailand, to communicate to its international audience, after winning the pitch against four other bidders in 2017. The goal is to take Amazing Thailand to the next level, capture the hearts of the new generation of world travelers. BBDO Bangkok is proud to launch the new campaign: ‘Open to the New Shades’.


Chairman& CCO: Suthisak Sucharittanonta

Deputy CCO: Anuwat Nitipanont

Head of Planning: Prasit Kunanuphanchai

Planning manager: Sakila Banyen

Client Service Director: Tuangyos Charoensiri

Creative Director: Pitha Udomkanjananan

Creative Group Head: Thiti Boonkerd

Art Director: Thanan Srisukh

Film Producer : Yathip Thanitthanaphat

Account Director: Rattapat Boodsri

Account Executive: Thayanee Sudsopa


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