Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn, Painter has brought important new works that represent the unwavering commitment. exhibition Anthology is a solo exhibition of oil paintings, which the artist humbly compared them of the world history.

Verapong works are characteristic for his powerful concepts and highly skilled craftsmanship without having to draft nor sketch beforehand.

The exhibition consists of paintings that were painted in swift strokes, expressively represent what the artist felt at the time of conception.

In this exhibition, the artist will exhibit his full potential.

Every inch of work is a memory record by the artist of different eras that are strung together through his memories.

All forms, lines and colours together bring back numerous characters in history and modern era to lives. While Standing in front of the painting, it seems to resonate the greatness of mankind and make you feel like you are a part of it.

Encapsulate a period of time in the diverse histories of mankind, weave and project them with oil paint onto canvas in order to reflect our existence and values of the human’s diversity and everything in the world.

Opening ceremony: Thursday 2 May 2016 / 6 PM.
Presided over by Supatra Chirathivat

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.

Venue: Sky Lobby, 23 floods, Centara grand at Central world
Exhibition time 2 May –  2 August 2019 / 10 AM. – 8 PM.

For more information: Tel 02 100 1234 ext. 6753-56