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Located on Thonglor Soi 9, Baltic Blunos led by Chef Martin Blunos, a British-born culinary star with Latvian roots, and Latvian Executive Chef Aleksandrs Nasikailov. A journey to explore Baltic’s patrimony and Latvian heritage through innovative cuisine, very theatrical, exciting presentation and fantastic experience.

By Mr. & Mrs. Tardivel 

The dining journey there is very much a culinary story and where diners get to experience Latvian fond culinary memories,  spectacular presentations, innovative balanced flavors, and food combinations.

Both balance culinary audacity with photogenic theatricality through the use of molecular techniques and a unique selection of plates to remind you of the Baltic fresh seafood, earthy ingredients find in wild forests and rich feral regions of Aleksander’s roots….to display air, water, earth and fire in a creative avant-garde cuisine.

Check out their bread which is baked with only 20 % of Rye and coconut water for a healthy and tasty accompaniment during dinner.

The homemade salted butter (Chef could not give us all the secrets of those…but you definitely got to try!)

Without really wanting to define a Baltic cuisine, the Chef’s duo brings familiar Asian flavors with Latvian ingredients to our palates and portrays creative dishes with experimental techniques and ingenious compositions. Get ready for a chemistry lesson!

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SCALLOPS Hokkaido Scallops are delicate and complimented by Mottra caviar, imported from Latvia (it is not as salty as other caviars & Mottra’s caviar is ecologically sustainable. Mottra’s farm combines old Russian traditions with a new environmentally conscious and scientific approach, resulting in the production of the purest caviar that will delight the most discerning connoisseur. It is a farm that protects the sturgeon population while preserving the time-honored heritage of Russian caviar. It brings a lot of refinment to the freshly cooked scallops with burnt butter hollandaise and morel vinegar. Overall, feel the delicate union of the acidity, rich & creamy sauce and fresh sea grape saltiness. A perfect 10/10 !

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Throughout the tasting menu, you will uncover seductive pottery, uniquely designed plate ware, dry ice, foams, edible trees (lots of earthy flavors there!).

We enjoyed during the dinner the paired non-alcoholic drinks such as Combu dark rye, Roselle seeds or wildflower herbal fermented homemade drinks…perfect to keep our focus on the course flavors and our guts clean!

Baltic Blunos set menu

  • Six-course menu: 2,900 THB net per person
  • Six-course wine pairing: 1,800 THB net per person
  • Six-course kombucha pairing: 850 THB net per person
  • Eight-course menu: 3,400 THB net per person
  • Eight-course wine pairing: 2,200 THB net per person
  • Eight-course kombucha pairing: 1,000 THB net per person

Opening Hours

  • Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday, 18:00—22:00
  • Bar: Tuesday—Sunday, 17:00—24:00