Australian born David Thompson is globally recognised as the Master of Thai cuisine. In 2010 he was the first chef of a Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star with Nahm in London. Nahm in Bangkok was the first restaurant in Thailand to be listed in the World’s 50.

David didn’t re-invent Thai cuisine, rather he painstakingly researched the cook books of Thai matriarchs and then set out to source which regions produce the best of each of the ingredients he needs to paint authentic flavours on the plate. Currently this is arguably the world’s best Thai dining experience.

All of his dishes respect the perfect authentic balance of sour, sweet, salt, and spice flavours; true to Thai culinary heritage. The meal is served Asian style: all the main course dishes served to share at the same time. The art of Thai dining is to balance the four flavours by picking from each of the bowls.

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