Bangkok’s Omakase YTSB – Yellow Tail Sushi Bar

One of the top personality Sushi Bars in Bangkok, YTSB – Yellow Tail located just a short walk to the Bangkok’s most famous shopping malls including Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, MBK, Pratunam, Central World and a few steps from BTS Ratchathewi skytrain station.

‘Yellow Tail – King of the fish’

In Japanese, Yellow Tail fish is called “Syusse-uo” which means “Rising Fish” because it’s propitious name, high-quality delicious meat and premium price so the Japanese praised Yellow Tail as the best fish. They usually used yellow fish tail for celebrations. A-must try is the collar part of the yellowtail fish, the area that is right behind the head. Delicately fatty and super-flavorful, it is also beneficial for the healthy development of the brain and eyes.

Otoro Sushi (Makuro) or it can be also called Bluefin Tuna” Otoro is the most prized part of the tuna belly and it’s also the fattiest part of the tuna/maguro.  This delicious cut tuna belly is located at the lowest section of tuna belly and it is highest in fat content and light in color.  The well-marbled Otoro is so soft and tender that it literally melts in your mouth.

Otoro is very rare so you may not see it offered in most of the sushi restaurants, and the price is usually ridiculously high because less than 1% of the tuna body can be categorized as Otoro.

Led by the skillful Master Sushi Chef Charan who has the high standards of the Japanese culinary arts, using only the freshest fish possible and the most delicate cuts of his top-quality and well-sourced ingredients which are imported directly from Japan in “Toyosu Fish Market” every day. Working in Japanese restaurant since 2002 at Sushi Chef at Sushi Tsukiji Restaurant and currently you can catch him here.

He creates an experience in which every bite is a sheer and unique ecstasy as it melts on the palate, during what has rightly been called the most delectable Japanese dining in the city.

With his creative visions unleashed in our nightly YTSB Omakase sessions, which seat only eight persons every evening for a range of courses complemented by a wide selection of rare and superb sakes, diners will discover a mastery of the culinary arts far beyond their expectations and enjoy the ultimate experience of the world’s most exquisite cuisine.

Trusting the chef’s own artistic whims to create an original and spontaneous menu of delights customized to each of his guest’s tastes, in dish after dish of delicious pleasure.

Highlighting the talents of the chef, this traditional style allows new combinations every single day and makes YTSB an incredibly dynamic and innovative venue.

Yellow Tail Sushi Bar also offers a la carte dishes to complement the feast, for diners who would like to enjoy some of the traditional standards of Japanese cuisine alongside the unique pleasures of YTSB Omakase.–7AYDF/

YTSB Omakase serves every day from 17.00-23.00 Hrs.

THB 3,000 ++ (12 courses)

THB 5,000 ++ (16 courses)

THB 7,000 ++ (21 courses) per set per person.

Tel: 66 (0) 2 309 3839


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