Sustainable, Organic And Biodynamic Viticulture By Benjawan Wisootsa

Today’s society is very hectic. Little do people know that the shortcuts that they take have an impact, not only on us, but also on nature. The rise of sustainable products attracted the attention of many, as it shows how sustainability could make an impact on our day-to-day life in the long run. After a long period of using pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives, many agricultural lands had faced a troubling issue of soil erosion amongst others. The same problem exists in vineyards around the world, as winemakers realize that while their yields are more plentiful, biodiversity had disappeared as vines become more prone to pests and diseases.

By Benjawan Wisootsa

For many, the solution to this problem is increasing the use of these harmful chemicals that temporarily eliminate these problems. For others, sustainable practices are adopted in order to give back to the soil and create biodiversity in the vineyards again Methods of detoxification results in healthier vines, and a healthier environment. Although yields are not as plentiful as when using chemicals, the wines produced are truer and purer expressions of the varietals, and the terroir. The efforts put into maintaining the quality of the vineyards as well as the wines cannot be looked past, as the dedication from these craftsmen can be experienced in the glass.

Their devotion to keeping things as simple and ecological as possible even when times are tough can be seen from sustainable winemakers, who choose to farm organically whenever possible, such as the world renown Rieslings from Fritz Haag, settled on steep slopes of Mosel. Others who are situated in areas that is suitable for organic viticulture such as Castello di Volpaia in Tuscany not only farm their grapes organically, but other produce to be used on the estate as well. In addition many artisan winemakers who are spiritually connected to nature had adopted a more holistic approach to organic farming, biodynamic. Biodynamic viticulture takes into consideration much more than just not using any chemicals, as it takes into account lunar and astronomic cycles that affect the quality of the fruit grown. Pioneers such as Nicolas Joly of Clos de la Coulée de Serrant in Loire had made a career change from a highly profitable banker to go back to basics. After inheriting the estate from his family, and years of experimentation, he realized the impact sustainability and biodiversity has towards the land as well as the fruit. Combined with his method of creating natural wines, the product is excitingly unique.

These wines give back to nature as well as are much healthier to consume. Not only do we care about our health and our planet, we also care about our clients. Fin has long been introduced on the foundation of fairness, loyalty and equity. Not only are our products sustainable, but also our business practices. Our prices are sustainable. There is no need for that additional 10% off; we only take a small margin, enough for us to operate. Take it as all our prices have already been discounted for you. We are honest and loyal. We don’t ever want to do high mark ups to trick clients with the excitement of promotions.

Tell us more about Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic Viticulture

Khun Benjawan Wisootsat (Director of FIN Wine)


Sustainable viticulture is a “systems view of wine grape growing that considers soil building as the foundation, minimizes off-farm inputs, emphasizes economic profitability and concerns itself with environmental health and social equity.” – Cliff Ohmart. It is based on the logic of reducing chemical inputs into the vineyards in order to continue farming healthy grapes on healthy soils without the degradation caused by chemical compounds. It is ecologically sound, economically viable and socially responsible. The aim of sustainable winemakers are to farm as organically as possible while retaining the ability to react to adverse problems that could potentially ruin their harvest. Sustainable practices are adopted when the luxury of constantly farming organically is unavailable due to the complexity of certain areas and situations.


In relation to the philosophy of “you are what you eat”, organic viticulture is more than just a trend; it is a movement. Wines made from organic grapes are constantly gaining a reputation within the wine scene due to health factors towards consumers and the planet. It is also one of the best ways to grow well-balanced vines that yield fruits with the best quality, leading to better wines.

As an alternative to conventional solutions, winemakers patiently grow their grapes using simple approaches that eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in the vines and using plant and mineral-based products instead. The key is: no chemicals. Minimal levels of natural sulfites or sulfur dioxide may be added as the copper sulfate is a natural compound occurs in nature. The lack of synthetic compounds in the vineyard means that the grapes harvested are in its purest form as a product of the winemaker’s careful observations and land management tactics in the vineyards.

Unlike conventional grape-growing techniques, organic farming enables the wines made to unlock hidden secrets and nuances of the terroir and each varietal’s identity in every glass.Khun Benjawan Wisootsat (Director of FIN Wine)

Healthier soils have better structure and organic matter content that aid the plants’ immunity towards pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions. The availability of cover crops grown between rows of vines also provides refuge for other beneficial insects that control the population of pests. In addition, the vines are able to retain more nutrients from the soil to yield healthy fruit after a minimum of three years have been devoted to detoxifying a single plot of land. While organic certifications are available, artisanal winemakers in our portfolio do not stress on the importance of certifications due to its bureaucracy and their knowledge on practices that are best for their vineyards and the overall environment.

Biodynamic viticulture is a more holistic approach toward organic farming developed by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. It utilizes homeopathic treatments of special preparations of herbal sprays and composts applied the right time taking into account astrological influences and lunar cycles. It looks at the vineyards as part of the planet and the entire solar system that everything has an impact upon each other. The idea behind biodynamic viticulture is to develop biodiversity within the vineyards by applying formulas with special preparations in order to boost the vineyard’s immune system through increased microbiological life in the environment. The approach focuses on polyculture and the management of species living in the area as a means to prevent threats, rather than treatments to problems.

The method promotes farming methods that encourage the vineyards to strengthen its own immune system and become a self-sustaining ecosystem rather than becoming reliant on synthetic chemicals. Biodynamic wineries tend to have land that has been set aside to promote natural relationships between predators and prey in the vineyards that help control the level of biological threats to the vines. Livestock such as cows and sheep are also raised within or nearby the vineyards as its manure are naturally rich in nitrogen, a good fertilizer for the vines.

Vines grown biodynamically are energy efficient and have the least environmental burden due to the lack of tractors and heavy machinery as well as the absence of synthetic compounds. Soil structure and porosity are improved, the content of organic matter is increased and the vines gain the ability to combat effects from extreme weather conditions. The complexity within the biodiversity provides vines with the opportunity to interact uniquely with its terroir as access to soil nutrients may enhance the differences between sites expressed in the glass. Biodynamic techniques create wines that uncover each vineyard’s truth and potential. The wines made this way are described to be true to its soil, varietal and climate. It represents if the specific place of origin, aroma, flavor and texture.

Biodynamic farming rewards the winemaker’s efforts put into daily surveillance of the environment and the love and care for their vines. They are great observers of nature with great knowledge and sensitivity towards their surroundings. The product is a wine that contains more nutrients and natural antioxidants, are less processed and is better for your health and the planet.

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