Best of Asian Beauty Skincare 2019

From J-beauty to K-beauty, we’re combining the best of both worlds to help you bring your A game! Here’s a snapshot of the list – Skincare Obsessed.

1.       Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Mist SPF50 PA++++, $17.90A relatively new player to the market, this has been reportedly selling out in Japan since launch. This sunscreen helps to even out your skin tones and helps to conceal minor imperfections, perfect for the “no makeup” makeup look.

2.       Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion, $18.30This Japanese lotion is said to have a cult following online for literally transforming your skin. The lotion sinks into your skin to deeply moisturize it, leaving it hydrated and dewy. 

3.       Faith in Face Peace of Face Hydrogel Mask, $14.50A popular favourite from Korea, the Faith in Face Peace of Face Hydrogel Mask is an intensive calming mask that soothes redness and overheating with tea tree and chamomile properties. 

4.       Acwell Traditional Grain Syrup Mugwort Mask, $22.95 Acwell combines traditional Korean medicine with over 400 years of history with modern-day research to give you the best results.  This thick jelly mask keeps the skin moist throughout the night.  

5.       LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry)LANEIGE’s lip sleeping mask gently melts dead skin cells making lips feel smooth and soft the next morning. Add this step to your night routine and let it do all the work. For the Makeup Aficionados

6.       Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Superkeep, $18.90A must have in every makeup bag, this smooth liquid eyeliner has a hyper-durable, waterproof formula that applies easy and adds dimension to your eye.  
7.       Skinfood Plum Mellow Glow Stick, 2, Mauve Plum, $15.68This ultra-hydrating glow stick is made with a butter-like formula that smooths your lips with natural plum oil for vivid color and a plump, juicy look.  

8.       Mamonde high Cover Liquid Cushion, No. #23 Cover Sand, $38A cushion that layers liquid foundation with a light and thin texture for smooth coverage of blemishes, pores and wrinkles. Bring this with you everywhere for touchups, making sure your skin is always poreless and flawless. 

9.       LANIEGE Ideal Shadow Quad, Taupe Smog, $42This 4-color neutral shadow palette is highly versatile, giving you a professional nude look for the office but allows you to turn up the glam with a smoky look for your night out with your best buddies. This highly blendable formula provides crease-free, flawless eye makeup that’ll last you through the night. It comes in a compact case perfect for your handbag!

10.   Bifesta Cleansing Sheet BrightUp, $14.50Another holy grail item, these micellar makeup remover sheets have the ability to remove your make up with a single sheet — no greasy residue left, only a thoroughly cleansed canvas. Nights out can be exhausting, but don’t skip out on removing your makeup before bed! Your skin will thank you the next day.

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