Brooke In Bangkok, Thailand

“Hollywood actress Brooke Shields is in Bangkok shooting for a new series on PBS in US. The show is called Well Travelled and is about discovering how different cultures around the world approach wellness and stay healthy. It’s not a spa travel show but more about culture and leaning what keeps people so healthy.”

Seen above: Brooke Shields at Breeze, Tower Club at Lebua

Brooke Shields in Thailand

brookeshields: Heaven!!These elephants have all been rescued and now are fed and cared for. They roam the property.

We had a chance to join a very special dinner at Breeze, Tower Club at lebua and the opportunity to meet actress Brooke, Well Travelled Show’s  producer Lisa Blake and her production team, celebrating their last evening in Thailand. We were impressed with Brooke personality, and so friendly. Brooke shared with us about shooting experiences in Thailand. We discussed Thai culture, life as mother.

Brooke Shields brookeshieldsIt took me a while but I finally figured this step out.

Brooke Shields brookeshieldsWith the Akha, on our way out To Farm!!

Brooke Shields brookeshieldsIt was an honor to have been among the Akha.

Brooke Shields brookeshieldsRice Rice Baby!

Brooke Shields brookeshieldsMy first Tuk Tuk experience on my first trip to Thailand.

Brooke Shields

brookeshieldsSurprise moment of worship and offering on way to Wat Pho Temple.

Cr. Photos:

The premiere episode of Well Travel shot on location in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok during July 23 to Aug 4.

A Night To Remember with Brooke Shields

Well Travelled hosted by Brooke Shields. It will be on air on the US channel PBS late August or spring time and is expected to reach more than 1 million viewers in the US. Can’t wait!!

Special thanks for beautiful location and lovely dinner: Breeze, Tower Club at lebua named one of the world’s “top 10 most cutting-edge restaurants” by USA Today, Breeze is lebua’s homage to Asian cuisine, and its rising stature among connoisseurs. Perched high above Bangkok on the 51st and 52nd floors of Tower Club at lebua, the exquisite riverside rooftop restaurant quickly became known as the ‘new face of Asian dining’ – a stunning venue where design, cuisine and service come together for an evening unlike any other.

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