A Journey to Authentic and Rare Menu by Chef Rossarin, a unique experience and great opportunity for Thai food lovers to experience the true flavours of exceptional recipes with discerning gourmands.

Listed in The Plate – Michelin Guide Bangkok and also named as one of Bangkok’s Top 10 Thai restaurants by local and international medias, Celadon serves an authentic palette of flavors and spices in beautiful presentations as only a Thai would know.

Story & Photo by Wanida Taridvel 

Chef Rossarin and her highly talented team from famed Thai restaurant Celadon at The Sukhothai Bangkok are proud to introduce their unique and rare Thai cuisine tasting menu, inspired by the aim to provide local and international diners with the opportunity to discover the complexity yet subtleness of Thai style home food.

The more they see and taste, the more we believe they will discover true Thai flavours. It took almost a year for Rossarin to study and develop each of her chosen dishes to be combined into this newly launched nine and twelve dishes menu.

Pineapple chili salt sugar

The key message from her new tasting menu is simple, she wants to successfully introduce everyone to authentic Thai home food which has been well prepared and cooked with OTOP products in simple Thai taste. Each dish is produced in original Thai style, yet applying modern techniques such as Sous-Vide cooking for Braised Pork Belly. Each dish comes complete with its own remarkable range of tastes and of course, artistically stylish presentation. It is recommended to consume them in serving sequence as they complement each other and are all part of a complete dining experience.

Rice berry coconut pudding topped with blue crab meat

Crispy peanut chips, dried shrimps and pickled tamarind salad

Grilled lobster salad, spicy tomato juice and Manila tamarind

Steamed rice served in young coconut shell

Spicy seafood in lemongrass broth and coconut sea shells

Northern style egg noodles in fermented bean, shrimp curry and crispy pork belly

Slow cooked Seabass with baby shrimps, fermented rice coconut paste

Southern style braised pork belly, rotten egg of liquid 5 spices

Deep-fried lotus stems with fresh cumin and tamarind sauce

Smoked duck confit and raw durian in dried red curry

Grilled banana coconut ice-cream and preserved Bilimbi in syrup.

Surrounded by picturesque lotus ponds, guests are spoilt for choices: An extensive à la carte menu with a selection of the timeless specialties from regions across Thailand, crafted just as they were throughout the ages.

The Entrance of Celadon.

Classical Thai Dancing is performed daily at 20:00 hrs. and 21:00 hrs.

Full experience (12 dishes) at THB 3600++ per person; Part of the trail (9 dishes) at THB 2400++ per person

Celadon opens daily: Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 hrs. Dinner from 18:30 to 23:00 hrs.

For reservations, please call 66 (0) 2344 8888 or Email: