Chanthaburi is a province in the east of Thailand, just 245 km. away from Bangkok.  It is the city which is appropriate to grow fruits especially durian, king of fruits, and mangosteen, queen of fruits.  There are places to go such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, beaches and historical sites.  Because it takes just 4 hours from Bangkok, Chanthaburi is one of popular cities for Thai and foreign tourists.

Wat Thong Tua is the temple where a 100-year pagoda situated.  This temple is a place reserving antiques and ancient lintels in Thalaboriwat style.  Sri Chan road is well-known as the Gem Road for trading gems and jewelry.  It is one of the big gem markets in Thailand.

Every January – March, people go  worshiping Buddha’s footprint at the mountain in Khao Khitchakhut Natinal Park.  It is a popular pilgrimage site for Thai Buddhists to practice their patience and minds. 

If you want to go somewhere fresh and cool, you should go to Pliew Waterfall.  It is a 3-level waterfall with a basin of cool and clear water. You can enjoy feeding cave fish there.  Trok Nong Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with the river flowing throughout the year.  There is also a campsite for adventurers. 


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