Chef Andrea has featured in many television shows and magazines in Europe and Asia. His talents were acclaimed by well-respected independent food critics.

In 2010, he earned one Michelin star for his co-owned restaurant, Pier Bussetti, in Italy. His career is infused with traditional elements of Italian cuisine and cutting-edge thinking of visionary chefs, having worked in Italy, New York and London.

Story & Photos by Ning Nonthiwat

Prior to the 5-course set menu was a welcome drink – Italian prosecco.

Fresh Red Prawn Carpaccio with diced sweet mango, diced avocado, and sliced radish. When put everything in one same bite, it was a good combination for an appetizer.

Paired with Chardonnay Tenute Folonari Nozzole Le Bruniche 2017, a dried citrus, crispy, oaky Chardonnay from Tuscany, Italy.

Milk-fed Veal Tartare was superb, stylish, melt-in-the-mouth texture topped with creamy semi-sweet full bodied Tarragon sauce and stuffed with Praline.

Paired with Rosso di Montalcino Conti Costanti DOCG 2017, an earthy, floral, cherry, raisin red from Tuscany.

Bamboo Charcoal Risotto with Sea Urchin and white broth foam.

Paired with Barbaresco Ca del Baio Vallegrande Piemonte 2015, a medium bodied red wine with licorice and blackberry flavor to balance the full flavor of black risotto and pure taste of sea urchin. Using bamboo charcoal is better than using black ink though. 

Australian Striploin was perfectly grilled in medium rare, crispy outside, juicy inside while Shimej Mushrooms, Bone Marrow sauce penetrated into the tender meat. 

Paired with Barolo Brovia Unio DOCG Piemonte 2014, a full bodied red with hints of spiced cloves, chocolate, and cedar that went very well with the steak. 

The dessert was sensational for a sweet tooth – Earl Grey Tarte with playful caramel and meringue. The Earl Grey mousse was delicate and tense in genuine tea flavor, and it was bedded with a medium crispy tart.

World Gourmet always gets better and better everyyear… such a great reference and annual gastronomy event! Looking forward to next edition.

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