Chef Kenji Gyoten, 3 Michelin-starred Young Sushi Master

Chef Kenji Gyoten makes his return to Soneva Fushi. His restaurant in Fukuoka, Sushi Gyoten, has a six-month long waiting list – but why wait when you can sample his culinary craftsmanship at Soneva Fushi?

So Hands On, Out of the Blue’s sushi counter, is the stage upon which he will be using the hontegaeshi (hand flip) technique of Edomae nigiri to prepare his bite-sized morsels – a technique rarely seen these days. This intimate setting gives a mere five diners front row seats to his mastery. Chef Gyoten is one of only a handful of chefs with three Michelin stars and the youngest three star chef in Japan. He will be at Soneva Fushi between August 18 – 29, 2018.

For more info, please contact Email: | +91 124 451 1000

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