Here are some profile of chefs who joint the event in previous years. 

– Jacques Cocollos (from Marennes-Oléron, France), the owner of a French oyster farm and exporter of top quality oysters to Asia, since 2008.

– Nicolas Isnard, chef-owner of L’Auberge de la Charme (Prenois, France), a one-star Michelin-three Gault Millau points restaurant. Isnard has even found time to author L’œuf, a cookbook dedicated to eggs.

René van Empelen of Amsterdam-based Van Empelen Catering which stages unique culinary experiences ranging from private home dinners and corporate wining and dining events to high-profile national celebrations across Europe and in the USA.

Christopher Lecoutre, a French visual culinary maestro with a no limits approach who brings gastronomic creations to life. Performing live to present the dishes, the passionate artist will take the diner on a journey through gastronomic heaven.

Chefs and culinary experts returning to the event include:

Alain Caron  from Café Caron (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Born in Paris he is a Master Chef judge in the Netherlands and a presenter of his own cooking show, plus the author of 17 cookbooks.

Didier Corlou from La Verticale and Madame Hien (Hanoi, Vietnam). This French spice master has cooked for presidents in Africa, showbiz stars in Bora Bora, royalty in Malaysia and Cambodia. Declared the MasterChef of France, and the winner of the prestigious Five-Star Diamond award, he is a co-founding member of the Village de Chefs Association.

Hervé Rodriguez from MaSa (Paris, France), is a Dijon-born flavour manipulator (‘manipulateur de saveurs’, from which his restaurant MaSa forges its name) and is known for his signature use of exceptional ingredients and condiments.

Jacques Pourcel (Montpellier, France), a three-star Michelin chef, is known around the world as one-half of the Pourcel twins. Jacques is one of fine French cuisine’s most prolific ambassadors.

Jean-Baptiste from his own Restaurant Natali – a one-star Michelin restaurant at Hostellerie La Montagne, in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises in the Haute Marne region of France.

Joost Bijster from Park Society at the host SO Sofitel in Bangkok, Thailand. A Dutchman who grew up in the ‘Garden of Europe’ and draws on his worldly travels to create modern fine dining.

Laurent Peugeot from Burgundy, France has no less than five culinary establishments that carry his name, including Le Charlemagne, a one-star Michelin restaurant in his native France. His many years of experience in Japan are also evident in the culinary tradition and precision he uses to create his signature Japanese-French artistry

Michael Dyllong from Restaurant Palmgarden (Dortmund, Germany). Within a year of his appointment the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star and 15 points by Gault Millau

Patrice & Philippe Marchand, the cheese-making brothers from Nancy, France, come from one of oldest cheese-making families in France dating back to 1880. They have maintained the family’s long tradition in fresh dairy produce. Philippe, heir to ancestral cheese recipes and an active member of the Select Committee of the French Association of Cheesemakers-Affineurs, is in charge of the cheese business, while Patrice manages the kitchens of the Lez’art, P’tit Cuny and P’tit resto du marché couvert restaurants

Patrick Jeffroy from Brittany, France, draws on the sea and the earth of Brittany to create Breton gourmet cuisine that is simple and natural. His culinary flair has seen him maintain two Michelin stars at his namesake restaurant since 2002.

Paul Smart the Australian born Executive Chef from the host hotel (Bangkok, Thailand) is the ‘Winning Challenger Chef of the Iron Chef Thailand TV Programme’ in 2012 and 2013.