One of our weekend activities is visit local market. Pak Khlong Talat is one of our favorite place. It is the primary flower market in Bangkok and has been cited as a “place of symbolic values” to Bangkok residents. Located on Chak Phet Road and adjacent side-streets, close to Memorial Bridge.Though the market is open 24 hours, it is busiest before dawn, when boats and trucks arrive with flowers from nearby provinces.

Mango Tree On The River Main Shot
Last weekend, after our flowers shopping, We had a chance to visit ‘Yodpiman Market’, gorgeous charm of lifestyle mall and we discovered a new restaurant named Mango Tree on the river.
Mango Tree On The River 7
The restaurant has a contemporary vibe and offers a gorgeous dining area where you can dine on comfort foods, both healthy and decadent, and enjoy a gentle river breeze. Seated facing the Chao Phraya river, we enjoyed the scenary with the boats passing by as well as the Wat Arun temple as background a few hundreds meters away on the other bank of the river.

We arrived early so settled to enjoy a cocktail or two – a good selection of exotic and fruity cocktails. Our table was soon ready and we enjoyed looking at all sections available…from cold starters, curries, salad to Char grilled signature dishes.

A great starter with “ Miang Kham” , a traditional savory combination of thai herbs with green bitter leaves and Tamarin sauce. 8 shots of those to kick off a great lunch on the river.

Tasty grilled squid salad, or Chicken served with Satay peanut sauce had been recommended and it was easy to see why this is so popular. The chicken was chunky and cooked to just-past-pink succulence. The peanut sauce was moreish. In future I would be a culinary philistine and hang on to the remainder of this, to enjoy over rice with the main dishes – possibly not a traditional combination, but I hated to see the still half-full bowl of that sauce return to the kitchen.
We also had to try the steamed seabass topped with herbs. Fresh and tasty seafood course with spicy lemon sauce.
After a great rack of lamb, we ordered the grilled Baby Back with spicy Thai herbs …just amazing as well! Char-grilled rib eye with Isan chili dipping sauce served on a special lava grill ensuring they are kept hot, fresh and flavorful as well as introducing a sense of theater and interactivity into the dining experience.
It’s the perfect spot to watch the sun go down, listen to music, and enjoy a good meal with good company. The Chef praises for high quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and respect for tradition are integral to the Mango Tree experience.
Renowned for its subtle layering of flavors and textures, Thailand has an incredibly rich and varied culture of cuisine, and this is reflected in the eatery’s appetizing menus that feature everything from classic Thai green curry to a great variety of beef dishes and seafood concoctions.
Don’t miss! Sticky rice with mango. It was our great final touches.

The restaurant has a casual seating area offering a spacious loft and open area with tables and buffet counter where a selection of traditional Thai deserts, exotic fruits and freshly cooked salads are available at all times.

Mango Tree on the river: Pier Pakklong talad (Flowers market) 240 Yodpimark River walk Building D5 Atsadang Road,
Wang Burapha Phirom Phranakhon, Bangkok 10200 Telephone +66 (0) 2110 0820