It’s often said that we eat as much with our eyes as we do by taste. DID takes diners out of their comfort zone but rewards them with an unforgettable experience and true insight into the world of the blind.

In 1999 a  Swiss socialite living in Zurich who is blind brought together sighted friends for cocktails and social gatherings to enjoy hospitality as they did without the of sight in total darkness. Since then this concept expanded into fine dining restaurants and social clubs in Germany, Paris and London, more recently in Bangkok.

At DID, diners can take their dining experience to a whole new level as visually impaired guides lead them on a remarkable journey of sensory awareness in the dark. Challenging, thought provoking and fun, DID allows diners to get in touch with all of their senses – except one. Their remaining senses are enhanced. Conversation becomes more intimate and immediate. Sensations are stimulated, sounds amplified, their imagination is increased and they gain an understanding of their hosts’ lives.

dine in the dark

Upon arrival at BarSu, guests are welcomed at the chic and stylish gastro lounge where their guide for the evening provides a brief introduction to the extraordinary DID concept before offering a choice of four delightful 4-course set menus including Asian, western, vegetarian, and a special surprise option. Guests are invited to surrender any luminous watches and mobile phones, then the visually impaired guides leads them to the private dining room and into total darkness.

DID offers surprise menus revealed only after dinner

Once seated, it is time to adjust to the new environment. Along with fellow diners guests must carefully begin to explore the table in front of them; the cutlery and plates, the position of the glasses. In the pitch-black darkness, they are challenged to draw and retain a mental picture of the dining table. At first there is a feeling of complete disorientation, then excitement and laughter with friends. When the first dish is carefully served by a team of visually impaired guides, the day-to-day difficulties of their world suddenly becomes apparent. Finding the food is quite literally a stab in the dark.

Guide Ball

Exploring the food on the plate is a challenge that stimulates conversation and competition between friends. The questions, surprises and laughter flow. Without vision, taste sensations become confused and diners may even have to guess what they are eating. The incredible experience amplifies the senses as guests are forced to rely completely on smell, taste, touch and sound.

After a memorable dinner, guests are led back into BarSu where they will be presented with dishes from their chosen menu


In photo –  The Team: I impressed with their kind, gentle, professional services during the meal.

A fine dining experience that denies dinners of their sense of sight to heighten the other five senses. There is a choice of a meat, seafood or vegetarian 4 course set menu THB 1,400 food only.

DID is a unique experience for groups of friends and colleagues. Held in a private dining room at BarSu, dining is limited to 20 – 24 guests at each sitting.

Available from 18:30 hrs, Tuesday – Saturday (last orders 21:30 hrs). 

Dine in the Dark Bangkok: located at 250 Sukhumvit Road · Bangkok  ·
Phone: 66 (0) 2649 8358 · Email: