An Exhibition Of Culinary Masterpieces – By Eric Frechon, Le Bristol Paris


Twenty years ago, Eric Frechon walked through the doors of Le Bristol Paris and began an historic partnership which he instantly marked with his first Michelin star.

Frechon presents a menu of his signature dishes that have earned him three Michelin stars, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Legion of Honour and to his great pleasure the highest acclaim of his gastronomic peers.

Each dish marks Frechon’s rise through the ranks of Michelin acclaim, 1999 was his first star, the first of nine courses celebrates with Caviar from Sologne, mousseline potatoes and smoked haddock.

2001 was the second Michelin star, taste the cherished Stuffed Macaroni with black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras.

2009 was the third star which he marks with one of his most famous dishes, the spectacular Bresse Farm Hen poached with wine, crayfish, sweet offal and black truffles.

Frechon has held those three Michelin stars at Epicure for ten years, an exceptional recognition of his gastronomic mastery. This 20th Anniversary menu is a nine-course parade of haute cuisine, a sensory account of a wonderful collaboration between a Chef and a Palace, who share the same quest for pleasure and perfection.

“Head of Le Bristol Paris kitchen since 1999. 2019 is a significant year for me, it marks my twentieth year as chef in this hotel that I so admire. I have imagined this anniversary menu of my great Signatures dishes that have marked these twenty years, and I hope my guests will enjoy the dishes as much as I enjoy cooking for them “, said Eric Frechon.

’20th anniversary’ menu by Eric Frechon, available at Epicure

Price: 380 €, excluding beverages

Restaurant Epicure: 112, rue du Faubourg St Honoré 75008 Paris

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