Everything You Need to Know Before You Fly Private

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, your experience in the air will prove to be elevated if you book a private jet for your mode of transportation. For those who are new to the experience, it can be difficult to know what to expect when you board the plane. If you want to be prepared, there are a few facts to understand before you plan to fly private.

1. You Can Enjoy Comfortable Seats 

One of the main advantages of flying private is getting the chance to sit in a comfortable leather seat that has plenty of legroom. The chairs are similar to recliners and can allow you to feel more at ease compared to riding on a commercial plane where space is extremely limited. If you plan to nap or sleep on the plane during the flight, book a private jet that offers seats that recline 154 degrees. Some of the seats also include fill-in mattresses, which forms comfortable beds on the seats to ensure that you can get some shuteye until the plane lands.

Although it’s a private plane, you’ll still be assigned a seat, making it necessary to book where you’d like to be placed on the plane when buying your tickets.


2. Experienced Crews are Aboard 

Not only is the jet that you fly on a five-star, but the pilots and crew are also more experienced and professional. The crews on private jets have higher maintenance standards, which can improve your experience and make it a safer ride. The jets are also safer because they tend to be newer.

3. Save Time 

Flying in and out of a private airport on your jet will allow you to save time because you won’t have to arrive as early to wait in long TSA lines. Passengers who fly private can arrive 15 minutes before their departure and get ramp access from your vehicle. The security and check-in procedures are minimal without having to weigh your bags or go through x-ray scanners, making it a more convenient experience.

Although your bags may not be weighed, you’ll still need to limit the amount of luggage that you take due to weight restrictions on private planes or a limited amount of space. An average of seven roll-aboard suitcases can be loaded, which will influence how much you can take depending on the number of passengers who travel on the plane.

An additional perk is that the departure time is flexible, meaning you won’t have to worry that you’re going to miss your flight if you arrive a few minutes late. Some companies do have a cancellation policy if you’re more than an hour late.

4. Dress Appropriately 

Although many people dress in pajamas or athleisure attire when boarding commercial flights, it’s important to dress more formally for private jets because you’re representing the host. Business or business casual attire is appropriate. Nice jeans are also acceptable to wear. Wearing semi-formal shoes and leaving your sandals behind will also allow you to look presentable as you spend time on the aircraft and exit the plane.

5. Tip the Pilot 

Flying on a private plane is unique because it’s a time when it’s appropriate to tip the pilot after you land. Jet pilots don’t earn as much money as pilots that fly commercial planes, which can allow you to have proper etiquette and remain courteous by tipping the pilot. Pilots on private planes also have more work to do and are responsible for not only flying the plane but keeping it clean and handling luggage, making their tip deserving in most cases. Giving $20 to $1,000 is considered to be appropriate and will be appreciated by the pilot.

6. Book in Advance 

You still need to book a ticket on a private plane in advance to ensure that you can get a seat, although you can still book the same-day if they’re not sold out. For those who are traveling for business, it’s important to book in advance to ensure you can select an airline that has a short runway performance to ensure that you can maximize your time. You may also want to choose a plane that offers Wi-Fi to ensure that you can continue working in the air and remain productive as you travel.

Those who are vacationing with their family may want to book a flight on a plane that can transport pets or can accommodate more luggage, making it necessary to avoid waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets.

By Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Nicholas Air. She regularly produces content for a variety of travel blogs.

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