Exclusive Private Preview of The Latest Masterpiece “Lamborghini Aventador S” For The First Time in Thailand

The new Lamborghini Aventador S is characterized by new aerodynamic design, redeveloped suspension, increased power and new driving dynamics. The ‘S’ is the suffix of previous enhanced Lamborghini models and defines a new benchmark for the V12 Lamborghini. Starting price of 38.7 Million Baht.

Vittawat Chinabarramee, Managing Director of Lamborghini Thailand by Niche Cars Group Co.,Ltd., sole authorized dealer and distributor of Lamborghini and many supercar brands in Thailand, hosted a “Private Preview” party to unveil the latest supercar masterpiece “Lamborghini Aventador S” for the first time in Thailand and even before its official launch at Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland, in March 2017.

The party was joined by Sig. Davide Sfrecola, Areas Sales Manager  SEA, Automobili Lamborghini, who flew in specially for this occasion, together with many supercar lovers who showed up with their favourite Lamborghini, such as Thanong Leeissaranukul, Seree Chinabarramee, Wongchanok Chevasiri, Mana Trongkamolthum, Kittiphun – Viroj Poolvoralaks, Wichai – Vichitra Songthaveephol, at Sukhothai Hotel recently.

The greenery courtyard in front of Garden Villa, Sukhothai Hotel, was transformed into VIP supercar parking for 20 Lamborghini from Lamborghini Club’s members who drove their babies to attend this party, and also celebrate the first unveiling of long-awaiting latest masterpiece Lamborghini Aventador S, which was brought here exclusively for private previewing with Thai Lamborghini fans.

The luxurious dinner party was full of sumptuous food and drinks, crowded with members of Lamborghini Club Thailand who all dressed up in black and yellow theme, same as Lamborghini’s signature bull logo.

From Photos:

  1. Big bosses of Niche Cars Group, Thailand’s leading high end distributor of elite automotive brands; (From left) Vittawat Chinabarramee, Managing Director, and Seree Chinabarramee, President
  2. (From left) Mana Trongkamolthum, President, and Thanong Leeissaranukul, Vice President of Lamborghini Club Thailand couldn’t miss this party
  3. Sig. Davide Sfrecola, Areas Sales Manager SEA, Automobili Lamborghini
  4. (From left) Kittiphun Poolvoralaks, Kullawat Kanjanasakchai and Pongthep Akarapongpisakdi      By Luxury Society Asia 
  5. Sweet couple: Kanit Sihsobhon and Wongchanok Chevasiri (right)
  6. (From left) Nanjaporn – Thawee Chongkavinit joined the “Private Preview” Party
  7. (From left) Kamol Lertdetdecha, Thawee Chongkavinit, Panumes Jongkolrattanaporn and Wichai Songthaveephol 
  8. Seree Chinabarramee, who is behind the great success of Niche Cars Group
  9. (From left) Vichai Tanasopananont and Malinee Panitchavong
  10. Sweet couple! (From left) Vichitra – Wichai Songthaveephol
  11. (From left) Chayada Chanchiao and Possawat Thomas with their brand new Lamborghini
  12. Nopparat Rattanawaraha
  13. Vittawat Chinabarramee, a host behind this exclusive event
  14. Vittawat Chinabarramee, a host behind this exclusive event
  15. Mana Trongkamolthum with his Aventador
  16. Mr.Malcolm Hillary, After Sales Manager SEA, Automobili Lamborghini
  17. (From left) lovely family; Patteera – Sittiban Boonsai and daughter
  18. Phongthep Wachirarungruang with his favourite yellow car & timepiece
  19. Chidchanok Phumkachar
  20. (From left) Danai – Prasit Nopparatnapalai
  21. (From left) Pachara Prateepsin, Vittawat Chinabarramee, Nopparat Rattanawaraha
  22. Mongkhon Tassanapanya
  23. (From left) Pachara Prateepsin, Vittawat – Seree Chinabarramee, Thanong Leeissaranukul, Mana Trongkamolthum, Kullawat Kanjanasakchai, Phongthep Wachirarungruang and Pongthep Akarapongpisakdi
  24. (From left, front row) Theerachai Phairachkul, Nanjaporn Chongkavinit, Wongchanok Chevasiri and Kanit Sihsobhon (From left, back row) Kullawat Kanjanasakchai, Pongthep Akarapongpisakdi, Huo Xing Yu, and Kittiphun Poolvoralaks

25.- 27. Lamborghini Club Thailand’s members

  1. Vittawat Chinabarramee welcomed all guests of honor
  2. Mr.Malcolm Hillary introduced the new Aventador S

30.-31. The unveiling of latest supercar masterpiece “Lamborghini Aventador S” for the first time in Thailand and even before its official launch at Geneva Motor Show

  1. (From left) Thanong Leeissaranukul, Kittiphun Poolvoralaks, Mana Trongkamolthum, Wongchanok Chevasiri, Seree Chinabarramee, Mr.Malcolm Hillary, and Vittawat Chinabarramee
  2. Thanong Leeissaranukul (front) and Vittawat Chinabarramee enjoyed the new Aventador S
  3. Kullawat Kanjanasakchai
  4. (From left) Wichai Songthaveephol and Viroj – Kittiphun Poolvoralaks
  5. Wongchanok Chevasiri
  6. Thawee Chongkavinit
  7. (From left) Thanong Leeissaranukul, Possawat Thomas, Mana Trongkamolthum, Kullawat Kanjanasakchai and Seree Chinabarramee
  8. (From left) Dr.Chettha Songthaveepol and Sig. Davide Sfrecola
  9. (From left) Thaweewet Srinarong and Kornlak Kaewkulaya

By Luxury Society Asia 

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