Location at The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya 

Fun and social responsibility can go hand in hand as a joyful adventure. Wonderfruit aspire to be a catalyst for positive change and seek to find creative ways to live sustainably and responsibly on our planet. With that in mind, Wonderful pledge to offset the carbon footprint created by Wonderfruit by investing in the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, a diverse, rich ecosystem in Indonesia.

Entrance of the field

Art  Performances: Look out for roaming and pop-up shows from theatrical performers from all over the world.

Architecture: Wonderfruit stages are designed by world-class sculptors and engineers who use innovative techniques to realize their jaw-dropping conceptions.

Siting & doing nothing sometimes is also good… chill and talk with friends or meet new ones.

Breakfast for Good Mornings – a truly Thai-style start to the day at Wonderfruit.

Family Wonderfruit opens to all and goo for whole family to get involved and having fun time together. There are workshops and performances suitable for all ages and Camp Wonder is packed with fun, activities and games especially for kids.

Wellness & adventures: With beautiful weather and gorgeous surroundings, Wonderfruit provides the perfect opportunity to get realigned and find a little peace, as well as chances to enjoy our stunning natural setting.

Relax and indulge in an array of invigorating treatments.

Therapies and sessions with wellness and healing experts, and find some balance.

Shed some sweat and try belly dance, body combat and Zumba with the team from GuavaFruit, a collaboration of Wonderfruit and GuavaPass; practice different styles of yoga with international experts, and take part in meditation, healing and dance sessions.

Flowers arrangement workshop – Talks & workshops Learn a new skill in our workshops: make art, dance, express yourself and exchange ideas. Wonderfruit is about holistic nourishment,  have a rich and diverse menu of activities to broaden your horizons, mentally and creatively.

Beauty Salon :  A playgrund for ladies.

So relax here…just sit and enjoy the moments.

Get a few temporary tattoos, new make up and hair style, make your own hat or search for some new outfits….

Food & Drink: Sample delicious delights from tasty street-food dishes, to gourmet offerings. The event is completely cashless, using  RFID wristband and able to top up at stations around the festival.

Art installations: Across the fields you’ll discover intriguing and enthralling creations by local and international artists.

Wonderfruit spans the musical spectrum from live electro outfits and cutting-edge techno DJs to alternative R’n’B and world rhythms performed by a diverse selection of bands, orchestras and live acts you can’t see anywhere else in the region.

Sunset at Solar Stage – Music  The event with 60+ music acts from all over the globe, 20+ stunning art installations and dazzling theatrical performances, 55 exquisite gastronomic delights, 30+ engaging talks & workshops, 35+ wellness & adventures offerings, plus plenty of interactive activities for the whole family – all intertwined to create an immersive experience for Wonderers.

Farm to feastsfully functioning and fruitful onsite farm is home to workshops and opportunities to get involved in creative agriculture.

Slow life at Wonderfuit

Wonder Feasts: Indulge in Wonder Feasts, our world-class series of sumptuous outdoor banquets, created by famous chefs.


A great activities for family &  kids to enjoy their time.

Boutique camping area

General camping area

Wonderfruit ticket holders are participating in an ecologically-conscious event, and are helping to protect a thriving and precious natural resource. The event is completely cashless, using  RFID wristband and able to top up at stations around the festival.

The 10 people you’ll see at Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is produced by Thai-based SCRATCH FIRST, which seeks to provide a platform for creative cultures to come together and to be a catalyst for positive change. SCRATCH FIRST is a global pioneer in experiential movements, responsible for Asia’s first entry into the transformational lifestyle festival arena. It leads the way with stunningly built environments, highly curated festival offerings, and socially conscious and eco-friendly policies.

Wondering what to expect when you’re in the field, reveling in the music, the color and the chaos? Here’s a heads up on the types of folks you can bank on seeing:

The guy with the GoPro on a selfie stick, enthusiastically documenting everything for his InstaBlog.

Someone dressed in a unicorn jumpsuit; her horn keeps getting in the way when she tries to drink out of a fresh coconut.

Vegan mom kicking back, sipping a kale juice while the kids get messy foraging on the farm.

The couple who just met: the magic of Wonderfruit may be having its effect, so if the tent’s a-rockin…The lone raverlosing his mind over the music in The Quarry; he’s lost all his friends too but he doesn’t care. Don’t bother looking for this guy in the daytime.

The family from abroad escaping the cold winter weather; if you see them, remind them to wear sunscreen.

The yogi; you’ll see her barefoot, rocking the drum circle in the Goddess Camp or saluting the sunrise at Solar Stage, but you’ll hear her first thanks to her jangly jewelry… which she made by hand in the Wonder Salon.

The foodiesraving over the delectable cuisine served in the Theatre of Feasts while they guzzle down a cheeseburger, Singha in hand.

The day-trippersjust popping in for Sunday. They’ll be decidedly cleaner than the rest of us but perhaps a little less enchanted.

No matter who you are, or where you come from, you will certainly find that special “something” that makes you a Wonderer. Free your mind and soul and get ready for an unforgettable celebration of cross-cultural art, music, and life.

Wonder fruit takes place in The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya, just 150 kilometres (two hours’ drive) southeast of Bangkok. Full details, we will update once ready

For more info about next event visit Wonderfruit’s website