Gastronomy Experience – Anatoly Kazakov: Selfie Restaurant & Bar in Moscow, Russia – The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

This year for the 18th edition of the World Gourmet Festival 4-10 September2017 in Anantara Siam Bangkok. They have partnered with Sanpellegrino to invite Michelin-starred chefs and chefs who are included in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best 2017.

Selfie Restaurant & Bar in Moscow, Russia

Among the many chef’s events at the different venues, we had the opportunity to attend a memorable evening at Spice Market with Anatoly Kazakov. Selfie Restaurant & Bar in Moscow, Russia (The World’s 50 Best Restaurants). Chef Anatoly Kazakov and his restaurant earned global recognition when it was ranked 88th on the World’s 50 Best restaurants list.

Chef Anatoly Kazakov

In his own words, Russian-born Anatoly Kazakov decided to become a chef because, “My mom was working a lot and I was obliged to cook myself”.

Caviar of White Fish – Buckwheat Brioche and Green Apples served with Petit Chablis Bernard de paix Burgundy, France 2015

A healthy savory combination with sweet notes, great amuse bouche to start off this amazing dinner.

He is currently at Selfie restaurant, in Moscow, where he shares kitchen duties with star chef Vladimir Mukhin. The 7 course menu was paired with a selection of French & Italian wines.

Scallop – Tomato Water and Black Truffle – Zyme II Bianco Veneto, Italy 2015

Melting tasty scallop & crunchy black truffle toppings.  We loved the supple, lovely crispness contrasts with the fresh softness of the carpaccio.

With a food philosophy that can be summed up as a non-standard view on standard products, and a desire to sustainably produce the products used in his restaurant—especially ingredients from his home country—this innovative talent has been achieving wide acclaim across the globe.

Kamchatka Crab – Millet and Poshekhon Cheese – Rosso Di Montepulciano Fuligni Tuscany Italy 2014

Creamy like mashed potatoes or fluffy like rice, the millet provided delicious flavors to the dish with a rather sharp, cheesy, slightly sourish taste of the Poshekhon Cheese, characteristic of all Russian rennet cheeses.

Sweet Calf Meat, Ceps and Smoked Apples served with Chateau Moulin du Cadet Saint-Emiliion Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux, France 2011

We loved the creamy combination of acidity and sweetness with tender meat as well as the smoked apples.

Cod, Malt and Baked Garlic Sauce served with Nebbiolo DOC Proprieta Sperino Lessona Piedmont Italy 2011

Delicate texture with creamy garlic sauce, we enjoyed the overall flavors of the fish.

Pomegranta and Almond Milk – served with Moscatto D’Asti Elvio Cogno Piedmont Italy 2016


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