Hot Trends – Craft, Local And Artisan Beverages

Beverages, especially craft, artisan and locally made varieties are going to make a splash in 2019, according to early results from our annual What’s Hot survey.  The survey, which gauges food, beverage and concept trends around the country, looked at responses from approximately 650 professional chefs – all members of the American Culinary Federation, for insights into what’s hot and what’s not. Here are some trends restaurateurs and bartenders will tap into the future  

Craft house, roasted coffee

These coffees typically feature beans roasted on site in an attempt to produce the perfect cup of java, a culinary experience, if you will. It’s all part of an attempt to grab customers’, especially millennials’, interest by creating an experience for them. Coffee is no longer viewed as just a jolt of energy in a cup; now, it’s about sharing the story behind the beverage, how it’s made and by whom.

Onsite barrel aged drinks

It’s all about aging cocktails in wood barrels to soften their harsh edges and add layers of flavor. These pre-mixed drinks are put into barrels for weeks. Popular examples of the drinks include punches, pre-batched rye Manhattans and Negronis.

Culinary cocktails

Chefs and bartenders are mixing things up by adding garden and other food ingredients to the cocktails they’re creating. If you’re thinking savory, fresh ingredients and herb-infused flavors, you’re onto a trend.

Rosè cider

Think pink. Inspired by the light and fruity elements of a rose wine combined with red apples, America’s obsession with rose has crossed over into another market. Why is the resulting beverage so popular? It’s light, crisp, refreshing, and pairs easily with food.

Locally produced spirits, wine and beer

Millennial consumers in particular are ordering these beverages because they want to combine higher-premium quality and sustainability with support of local businesses. They also want to know how the beverages are made and what ingredients are used to produce them.

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