Just A Drink Maybe Bar, Thonglor Bangkok: Review – Where Just A Drink Will Keep You Asking For More!


As one of a few gin bars in Bangkok, Just A Drink Maybe is nestled snuggly amidst the bustling metropolis in Thonglor Soi 1. Not extravagantly decorated, the bar feels chummy in a well-dimmed light. With its simplicity in design, the focus goes purely to what the discerning liquid chef and the bar manager, Khun Jack, has to offer.

Presently, the bar dazzingly lines with over 70 labels and in-house infused gins to create a well-thought-out drinks as appear on the list. Your very own glass is also customizable upon your request, and even you can ask the mixologist to create a drink according to the character of a person, which is the magnetic part that will lure you back again and again.

Story & Photos by Fah, Pam Luxury Society Asia team 

The Drinks 

First of all, why a wide array of gin selections? – For a transcendent gin journey, as each bottle contains a subtly unique aroma of botanicals that could create a perceptible difference getting along with each different garnish. Another artful part here is how meticulously Khun Jack make each glass, like using a specific bar spoon to mix gin with tonic water, in order to push the bubbles down to the bottom of the glass, or even choosing to cut their own ice in order to get the rightest size!

For G+T, we have tried Rock Rose Tonic (Rock Rose gin, Fever-Tree Indian tonic water, orange peel, rosemary) is obviously a refreshing floral glass that does not dissolve away the gin-ish taste, and with its tiny bit of citrus, the glass charmingly contains different layers of flavors.

The Beauty of Nature (Whitley Neil Rhubarb & Ginger gin, honey water, lemon juice, sweet vermouth, shinso tincture, three berries, egg white) is a fruity gin-based cocktail with distinctive berry-ness that you can easily picture yourself sitting in a berry field.

Moving on to a more one-off combination, Ponds of Life (pandan-infused Tanqueray, gotu kola syrup, karonda, lemon juice, egg white, jelly drops) is filled with Thai herbs that harmoniously blend in with other culture. This dashing and daring glass is playful with chewy jelly drops and the predominant note of gotu kola that make this glass stands out, as well as the egg yolk that soften the overall texture.

Depth of the Night (berry-infused Tanqueray, rosella syrup, violet liqueur, lemon juice) is twisted from the character of common G+T by adding syrup. This is another glass with berries we tried, but the difference between the two is palpable. This glass gives a more sugary scent, while the taste is not as sweet as it smells, and that’s magnetic.

Guest’s Choice 

Our guest, Ping Panyarachun, Facebook.com/pingvoiceoverbkk/, is indeed a cocktail person, and is impressed by the recipes of gin mixture that are twisted from classic cocktails. His pick is undoubtedly Ponds of Life, as its unique characteristic resembling “a Thai growing up in foreign country” says it all – a modernized Thainess.

Getting There 

Drop off at Thonglor BTS Station, and take a taxi or a motorcycle to Thonglor Soi 1, nearby The Salil Hotel. Walking from the station will take around 10 minutes. Bringing a car here is not recommended as there is no parking lot available nearby (and it’s difficult to just do “one drink, and we go home” here if are a gin connoisseur!)

Just A Drink Maybe

Address: 44/3 Thonglor Soi 1, Bangkok

Tel: (66) 095 341 9056