X2 Kui Buri, The Hidden Gem In Prachuap Kiri Khan Province

Where is the place to see Elephants, Gaur Sighting, Crested FirebackIndian RollerAsian Open Bill in Thailand?  

Kui Buri National Park is located in the Tenasserim Hills in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The forests consists of dry- and moist evergreen forests with trees such as Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, Hopea odorata, Terminalia chebula and different species of palms. The national park is home to one of biggest population of gaurs in entire Thailand with estimated around 100 individuals and around 320 elephants. The best spot in entire Thailand to easily see few species with easily accessible open areas.

Hueai Luek Wildlife Watching Area is an area behind Huai Luek Substation where local guides can be arranged for private trips in pickup style safari vehicles.  The wildlife watching area north from the substation is a forested area with several grassland areas. The last grassland area has a viewpoint with nice view over surrounding areas. While doing safari trip the local guides will inform each other with walkie talkies when they see animals. Apart from the elephants gaurs, golden jackals and deers may be seen with a bit of luck.

Story by Wanida Tardivel 

An overview of geography of Kuiburi National Park is made up of an undulated mountain range and vast watershed areas west of Thai-Myanmar border. The national park sits on the steep Tanaosri Mountain range and contains evergreen rain forest, dry evergreen rain forest, and mixed deciduous forest. Its abundant natural resources includes a variety of economically important plants and natural habitats for a great number of wild animals, for example wild elephants, gaurs, chamois and etc.

Phraya Nakhon Cave, Samroiyod

Kui Buri National Park located in Amphur Pranburi, Samroiyod and Muang, Prachuap Kiri Khan province. It is the headwater, which consist of valuable natural resources and beautiful scenic. The 969 Sq.Km. of Kuiburi National Park spreads over 4 districts in Prachuap Khiri Khan, namely Amphoe Pran Buri, Amphoe Sam Roi Yot, Amphoe Kuiburi and Amphoe Mueang. There are walking trails to enter the wood in Mueang district, Prachuap Khiri Khan province. From Km. 320 on Petchkasem Road, there is an entrance to Ban Nikom Doen Bandai which is a 15-kilometer long tarmac road. Yet, the rest is a gravel-paved road causing great difficulties to travel in rainy season.

A peaceful fishing village in Kui Buri

Where to stay –  X2 Kui Buri  (Pronounced Cross-To), a privately owned chain of design hotels based out of Thailand, South East Asia

X2 Kui Buri is designed and built with a primary goal that they must “satisfy the spirit”. This is partly achieved via architectural design, but more importantly through natural beauty of the location and the meshing of the structures with the canvas provided by nature.

Offering guests 23 unique designed style villas, all pool villas showcase a private plunge pool ranging from 20 sq.m. to 30 sq.m. in size and also a private terrace and garden courtyard. All spacious bathrooms feature both indoor and outdoor shower. All villas feature a full range of home theatre and entertainment options including LCD satellite televisions, movie, music and magazine library and complimentary internet access.

In most hotels the staff assume they can disturb you unless you put out the “Do not Disturb Sign” but at  X2 default is the opposite.  They assume you don’t want to be disturbed unless you tell otherwise. Also, “Whatever Time” check-in and check-out concept. How it works is that guest can check-in or out “whatever time” they wish. Just prior to your visit you may contact reservations and inform them and this request will in most cases be accommodated without additional charge.

The idea for the use of stones comes from the seasonal appearance of sea pebbles that find them self-scattered along the beach during winter months.  The “Mountain Rock” used throughout the resort are all from local quarries.

The external stone walls of the villas appear as wall and not as a building, creating an invisibility of design. What is a structural wall for one villa appears as a fence wall to other villa. By using this invisible wall design and clever landscaping; villas are private without the need to be encased in four high fences. This reduces construction costs and importantly allows cool sea breezes to pass through the villa area with minimal disruption. It provides privacy without isolation.

Big indoor & outdoor showers

X2 Kui Buri features a romantic outdoor beachfront swimming pool complete with state of the art facilities and a range of recreational activities; kayaking, catamaran sailing, boating, fishing, snorkeling, mountain biking and pétanque facilities.

I met 3 local friends on the beach.

X2 is the first pet friendly designed resort in Thailand. You can bring your pet on holiday with you. The pet charge is 1,000 Baht/pet/night.

4K (Pronounced Fork) Restaurant & Bar is situated on the beachfront location offering as an al fresco dining experience. Asian and International fusion cuisine are listed on the menu including drinks and wine list. Do not forget to ask the staff for a daily promotion and try one or two of the signature cocktails.  And in case you were wondering …the orange bar at 4K is 14.5 meters long and made of synthetic stone.

The resort offers complimentary snacks & tea daily between 11 am and 5 pm and Mojito Welcome Party every Friday and Sunday between 5.45 and 6.30 pm. Guests are invited to join the “Happy Sippy Hour” between 4 and 5.30 pm daily with a bar set up by the pool offering 50% discount on drinks.

Breakfast experience – X2 Kui Buri

Made your own fresh juices 

Dinner experiences – X2 Kui Buri

Very tasty fresh tuna fish with lemongrass, tomato, shallot, lemon juice and mild chili

Fried rice with Thai Mackerel, chili, shallot and garlic **My fav**

Love it! Salmon spring roll with mozzarella cheese Bell pepper and zucchini; Chiang Mai sausage, mozzarella cheese,tomato and Thai basil; Green curry chicken, zucchini and mozzarella cheese and my mixed berries juice

X2 Kui Buri

Address : 52 Moo 13, Ao Noi Sub-district, Muang District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77210 Thailand
Phone : +66 3251 0466, +66 8 4466 5553
Fax : +66 3251 0468
Email : book.kb@X2resorts.com  www.X2LOBBY.com

Ref. www.thainationalparks.com


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