With over 190 countries in the world to choose from, you’re probably wondering why you should choose Thailand as your next destination. Thailand is renowned for its magnificent temples, friendly people, mouth-watering and savoury dishes, and of course, the lively and happening Bangkok. But not many know that Thailand has so much more to offer than just Bangkok. All 4 regions across the country also host numerous mesmerising, luxurious and exclusive destinations that will definitely amaze you.

Chiang Rai, the Northernmost province of the Kingdom, is home to the famous ‘Golden Triangle’, the area where the borders of three countries; Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, meet. After enjoying this laid-back city and get a glimpse of neighbouring countries across Me Khong River, don’t forget to visit one of the most marvellous temples in the country, Wat Rong Khun or the White Temple. The temple is almost entirely white and decorated with small mirrors, leaving an unforgettable and incredible impression to both locals and travellers. After a whole day of exploring, make an extravagant escape to Four Season Tented Camp Golden Triangle. Let yourself soak up all that the beautiful and serene forest has to offer, while relaxing in their glamorous tents.

Moving a bit further down and make a brief stop in Chaiyaphum, a province in Isaan, the north-eastern region of Thailand. Not only the province, the region itself is often overlooked, however, Chaiyaphum’s annual Siam Tulip festival is something that should never be missed! The sight of full bloom wild growing Siam Tulip fields is absolutely stunning and remarkable. This kind of natural attraction is such a gem and difficult to find nowadays as most attractions are man-made. On your way back from the flower fields, make sure to check out Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa, if you would like to experience a touch of nature at your fingertips and a magnificent view of Khao Yai National park from your private pool villa.

Pattaya, this charming city is part of Chonburi province in central region. With only 2 hours drive from Bangkok, Pattaya is unsurprisingly one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. Apart from long beaches along the Gulf of Thailand and delicious, affordable seafood, the city is also famous for its golf course such as Siam Country Club. Not only it’s Asia’s finest golf course, it’s also Thailand’s largest golf complex and have hosted LPGA tournament multiple times. The sand, the sea and a world-renowned golf course, who would have guessed that Pattaya got it all!

Travelling down to the southern part of Thailand to the Jewel of Andaman, Phuket Island. Phuket earns the title of ‘Jewel of Andaman’ from its absolutely stunning white sandy beaches and clear emerald green water. If just strolling along the beach doesn’t satisfy you anymore, hop on private yacht or book a Hype day trip and enjoy an extensive menu of drinks and seafood on a huge luxurious and stylish Catamaran, while gentle sea breezes rustle through your hair as you watch the sunset.


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