Millennials Seek Authentic and Shareable Luxury Travel Experiences

The Millennials generation is transforming the luxury travel and hospitality industry. Younger travellers are indeed seeking authentic travel experiences and shareable adventures.

According to recent research by the Boston Consulting Group, Millennials are 23 percent more likely to travel abroad than older generations and they already make up 20 percent of all global travellers. As a result, luxury hotels and travel agents need to find new ways to engage with the new generation of travellers.

Authenticity and shareability are key to win Millennial travellers

Millennials planning their vacations are inspired by stories of authenticity and truthfulness they see on social media. They want to experience traditions of the country they visit. Hotels who embrace values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility are also able to convey an essential sentiment of authenticity that younger travellers greatly value.

In parallel, Millennials want to be able to share their experience abroad with their friends and followers on social media. Some countries have been able to tap into influencer marketing with great success to boost their tourism industry thanks to picture-perfect experiences relayed on Instagram.

Rather than being just beach bums, Millennials want to experience adventures. Over 50 percent of Millennial travellers say that their vacations are about discovering and experiencing new things. They seek both a deep cultural experience and something that will make for beautiful Instagram posts.

Luxury hotels are adapting to respond to Millennial expectations

The good news for luxury hotels is that they can incorporate elements of authenticity and shareability for Millennials into their exciting offerings. Authentic and original experiences can come, for example, be provided by working with a hotel local community so guests can explore the surroundings with various day trips. Hotels can also work with local artisans and chefs to bring locally sourced elements to their hospitality experience. It’s then up to their marketing team to find sensible ways to communicate these values to potential travellers.

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