The exclusive Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show, organised by Ocean Property Group takes place at the Ocean Marine Yacht Club, one of Asia’s premier marina complexes renowned as Thailand’s first world-class marina and yacht club and ranked as the biggest marina in South East Asia. The show is expected to attract more than 100 exhibitors representing many of the world’s leading boating and luxury goods brands. This years’ show will build upon the huge success of the event which was recognised as one of the favourite attractions for Bangkokians and Pattayasiders, attracting more than 6000 visitors over the three days. These numbers were up with the recreational boating community committing to the premium event.

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Luxury Network Party by Luxury Society – Asia’s Luxury Business & Leisure Community 

Luxury Society established since 2001 for networking amongst people who passionate about luxurious things, and Asia’s professionals.

Today, The Club attracts professionals from diverse business backgrounds including the financial and banking sector, company owners, executives, senior management, celebrities, local influencers, journalists, and bloggers.

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Commercial Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities Available

The Sponsorship Experts, Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd will be managing sponsorship and partnership marketing for the Ocean Marina Pattaya Show 2015. There are a number of packages to suit differing levels of needs, with rights available for up to one ‘Title Sponsor,’ one ‘Presenting Sponsor,’ up to six ‘Co-sponsors,’ up to ten ‘Official Sponsors,’ up to ten ‘Media Partners,’ as well as opportunities for local partners & marine industry supporters and ‘Exhibition Only,’ packages.

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The Ocean Marina Pattaya Show 2015’s sponsors and partners will benefit from alignment with an event that epitomises prestige, luxury, fun and aspiration, and that will attract an audience of high-profile luxury industry buyers and high-net worth individuals from South East Asia and beyond.

For a Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities Executive Summary please contact Udomporn
Phanjindawan +66 8 6382 9949 or