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Osha is one of the best known ethnic restaurants in San Francisco bay area. The brand has nine branches in total, each branch contains its own uniqueness atmosphere, which targets its own customers. Today, from San Francisco to Bangkok, now you have a chance to experience Osha’s exquisite cuisine, design and concept.

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OSha Thai Restaurant Bangkok




A casual experience, the atmosphere and ambiance are absolutely amazing. Designed with fine furniture and Jim Thompson fabrics, all dining areas are set with shades of gold and dark color. A grand staircase leads guests to the upper floor from where guests can admire the overall theatre like dining room and a surprising golden Chada.

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The restaurant layout and design will put you in the mood. Venture through the colorful areas of the restaurant, its alcoves, private room or bar area. Outdoor areas are also available. A real pleasure for the eyes and for the palate with creative cocktails and dishes. The Thai dishes are carefully composed and beautifully presented. And even more important, they taste delicious: a true experience for all senses.

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We enjoyed the Pad Thai Chai Ya very much. Tom Yam Kung (prepared at your table with a concoction of many herbs which Osha has the secret!)I called food labs at your table.

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Some people complained about food & drink prices, you cannot expect food court prices for fine dining with meticulously crafted and beautifully presented dishes in a superb setting. We had lot of fun, had to say that we ate in food labs, excited to see how the team served foods, food stories, secrets behind, it was great experience.

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Lamb Massaman Curry, herbs with great aroma came out before food arrived to my table. I would certainly consider this restaurants as one of Bangkok’s best if you are looking at experiencing True Thai culinary delights with a modern twist.

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Yummy Crab Duo: Every dish was meticulously crafted in terms of presentation, well explain by services team…great aromas and spices from each dish. True Thai flavors.

Some food & drink prices



As for drinks , the crowned passion fruit cocktail (with premium Mekong) is a must try!!

Osha Thai Restaurant Bankgok

My tea, I love it. We impressed with all single details here. The menu was inventive, the food superbly presented and, importantly, tasted good. There is something for everyone’s taste. The service is excellent and the staff very friendly.

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OSHA THAI RESTAURANT & BAR 99 Wireless Rd.,Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok. 10330 Tel : 02-256-6555, Fax : 02-256-6551

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