Pai’s Best Street Wine Bar: Petit Cru

A lovely city in the north that inspired you to spend a slow-life time here, Pai. Every wintertime, many tourists head to this mountain and fall in love with its charms, nature, waterfall, and hills. Not only the natural scene that we give five stars to it but also the lively and the sound of the music at the walking street in day and night time.

By Pasuta P. (Pam)

The newbie street wine bar named Cru which collaborated by same team from Chiang Mai, decided to open its second branch here. Chef Zack and Pira, wine and food lover, has a dream to share their recipe and worldwide imported wine at an affordable price.

At Petit Cru Street Wine Bar is quite friendly vibes, easy, and feeling relaxed in their small space indoor and outdoor.

The bar welcomes peers and couples in the evening with their warm light. Their decoration style is minimal and less furniture. Sitting at the bar and seeing chef Zack do live cooking while video it and enjoy the various menus of tapas fusion north style is the best! Let’s start our exciting meals and tipsy time from now on. 

First bite from Chili – Garlic Pai Tofu in a blue plate is very soft texture inside and crispy a bit outside. Enjoy it together with white Austrian wine from Reflexion Ried Hohes Eck Weissburgunder.  

From North inspiration to Spanish dream, chef-cooked Tortilla Chicken Khao Soi for us. The soft puff went well with rich chicken in Khao Soi sauce. Yummy and unforgettable. 

Then, ordered an organic House Salad to make life felt healthier. It mixed of lettuce, dragon fruit, mango, carrot and cashew nut. Feeling good and so fresh. 

Seasonal Bruschetta colored our meals with cheesy cheese topped on fresh tomato and baked bread. Paired with red Austrain wine Kalkstein Blaufränkisch Claus Presinger.  

Last, Chin Shrimp Fried was so incredible of its crunchy and crispy taste. Close your eyes and sip red wine from Kalkundkiesel Laus Preisinger.  You will see the paradise in your dream. 

Address:    117 Moo3, Vieng Tai Pai, Mae Hong Son, 51830 
Contact:     + 66 (0) 85 4422298

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