A well-rounded wellness professional with more than 15 years of experience as a therapist, naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and yoga teacher, Phoebe oversees all aspects of the resort’s full-service spa and wellness offering. Phoebe’s responsibilities include enhancement of Amatara Wellness Resort’s comprehensive guest wellness programs.

Phoebe joins Amatara Wellness Resort from Chiva-Som – one of the most prestigious destination health resorts in Asia, where she spent more than six years cultivating her experiences through high-profile guests, celebrities and royal families from around the world. This work offered her a wealth of clinical experience and the privilege of treating large numbers of people from all over the world.

In addition to her impressive wellness experience, Phoebe has trained in Chi Nei Tsang therapy (Thailand), as well as two years of training and mentoring in Kinesiology (Australia) and over 15 years of personal yoga and meditation practice. She has worked extensively in the spa and wellness environment, working with a wide range of clientele and fellow practitioners, both in Australia and Thailand. Through these experiences and her dedication to health and healing, Phoebe approaches each client with a spirit of authenticity, genuine care and support, and in a way that empowers complete wellness.



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