Properties Across Asia – What Makes A Luxury Home?


People around the world have a certain idea of what luxury living means. A big house or apartment in a quiet, thriving neighborhood with plenty of entertainment to be found without ever leaving your property. And such homes really do exist in every culture around the globe, but with subtle differences that reflect their society.

If you take a closer look at a vast multi-cultural continent like Asia, the definition of luxury is the same. What is just as fascinating are the variety of styles it can take. Let us take three distinct countries as examples of the universal take on luxury, as well as what to look for when browsing properties.

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The House

In terms of Asian opulence, the homes of Russia’s elite can put Hollywood villas to shame. Expect to find grand palaces and picturesque mansions, but also very modern architecture. Vladislav Doronin, founder of Capital Group, commissioned a villa in Barvikha that looks more like a buried spaceship. From the outside, you see a towering structure of glass and concrete surrounded by countryside. But the interior design is sleek, minimalistic, spacious and filled with natural lighting. OKO Group reveals that Zaha Hadid, the brains behind the design, was originally hired to build an apartment, which ultimately turned into every Star Trek fan’s dream of a home worth $140 million.

The Facilities

Jumping to the UAE, Abu Dhabi is known for its architecture, as much as its natural beauty. With apartments becoming as sought-after as houses, their styles can be no less diverse and lavish to suit the needs of every city dweller. In addition to beautiful views and cozy layouts, a particular characteristic of modern luxury is having a range of relaxing activities within easy reach. Of course, the price of such estates reflects their amenities, especially when situated in popular areas like Al Raha Beach. Two-bedroom apartments on property portal Bayut can cost over AED 1 million in this area. Then again, getting a pool, jacuzzi, or personal gym as part of the deal is worth the investment.

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The Neighborhood

Another Asian country defined by a mixture of tradition and modernity is Japan. Here too you will find houses and apartments that indulge their owners with their size and comforts. Something else of interest, however, is Tokyo’s wealthiest district: Aoyama. As important as a home’s design may be, its location is integral to providing additional luxuries and this Japanese neighborhood demonstrates a few of these. According to Yabai’s guide, Aoyama has prestige and high-end entertainment, from restaurants to attractions to fashion hubs, which include major brands, like Louis Vuitton and Prada. At the end of the day, the good life involves being able to enjoy different experiences when you want them. And that is definitely something you can expect from Asia’s luxury properties.

Whichever culture you choose to start your new life in, it will surely add to the enriching embrace of your home. Selecting the best fit, however, is not a simple matter. Nowadays, even apartments come in all shapes, sizes, and services, so make sure you explore the features above and any other interests you have.