A fine dining restaurant located in Thonglor – Sukhumvit 53 led by Michelin Star Chef Chumpol Jangprai, R-Haan recently introduced a new “Samrub” for your summer perfection.

“R.HAAN” in the Thai language means ‘something that you consume for sustenance’ but in reality, it is much more than eating for mere survival.

Handpicked local ingredients from waterhen that has firm and succulent meat are enhanced and blended with Noni leaves, chili paste, coconut milk, kaffir lime and cayenne pepper and slowly roasted in a baby coconut shell.

Amuse Bouche: Sing Buri Triple Cooked Sundried River Fish mixed with Sugar and Deep Fried Shallot served with Watermelon and three flavors Caviar

The Five Elements At R-Haan Wisdom Of Thai Cuisine


Carefully source and select local Thai ingredients, whether it is Bang Pakong sea bass, Pak Naam Bang Ta Boon blue crab, Kam Paeng San specially fed Thai beef, Rachaburi chilli, and steamed Khao Hom Jasmine rice from Chiangrai and Ubon Ratchathani, that not only gives immense joy and satisfaction to the Customer but to the Chef as well.


A variety of special dishes for you to sample and these dishes are divided into three seasons of the year: the summer season, the rainy season, and the winter season. They mark the passing of every season in accordance with the royal ceremony of the changing of the attire of the Emerald Buddha, considered to be the protector of the Thai people.

Crispy Rice Crackers served with Free Range Chicken Liver

Aside from getting to savor the flavors specific to each season, you will learn of the happiness of the Thai people in the past and the attention they paid to time and the passing of each season.

Thai Family Style Sharing Main Dishes

Classic Thai Tom Yam Soup with King River Prawns & Fresh Herbs Brewery

For Thai people, balance and attention to detail are key in Thai cuisine and this ideology is an essential part of the food that they serve you.

Hot and Spicy Soup with Fried Dried Crispy Fish and Giant Catfish Caviar baked with Flower of Salt from Baan-Dung

Stir Fried Spicy Poung Young Tamarind and Ground Pork served with Vegetables and Crispy Sepat Siam Fish

Salted Fish Curry Green Taro and Grilled Red Grouper

Stir Fried Spicy Wild Boar with Red Curry Paste and “Chantaboon” Cardamom Shoots

The entrée to the dessert are arranged according to the Thai traditional sequence of serving food that starts with the various main dishes for everyone to share including the common yet essential evening dish, chili dip with an assortment of vegetables.

Thai Steamed Free Range Chicken Curry with Young Coconut Shell and Wild Basil Leaves


Heating is the process that brings all the ingredients and the seasoning together in perfect harmony and not only makes every dish ready to be savored and enjoyed but gives every dish its colorful vitality.

Beef Charcoal Grilled with Ancient Thai Copper Pod Curry “Kaeng Khe Lhek”


Thai food has a charm that goes above and beyond the beauty in its presentation alone because each dish comes bursting with the many unique flavors blended in just the right proportion. The art of seasoning in Thai cooking therefore requires a high level of knowledge and skill in how to balance the many ingredients that go into each dish since every ingredient has its own particular aroma and taste.

Stir Fried Spicy Poung Young Tamarind and Ground Pork served with Vegetables and Crispy Sepat Siam Fish


Every dish on your table not only represents the finest in authentic Thai cuisine but each dish has gone through a very precise process in seasoning and preparation.

Steamed New Crop Hom Mali Rice from YASOTHORN
And five kinds of Steamed Organic Brown Rice
(Riceberry, Homnin Rice, Sangyod Rice, Hill Tribe Brown Rice and Chitralada Palace Rice)

Dessert: Thai Top Three Mango Parfait with Virgin Phet Pha-Ngan Coconut Milk Ice Cream and Palm Fruit with Syrup

Petit Four: Flower Shape Stir Pound Lotus Seed with Sugar and Coconut Milk; Peach Shape Stir Pound Golden Bean; Young Coconut Macaroon; Young coconut jelly

Every dish that appears on menu is presented in beautiful hand-painted ceramic ware crafted from skilled artisans who have reproduced to perfection, the design and patterns of original Thai dining ware that was used in the Royal Palace during the Rattanakosin era.

The origins in the old Thai proverb ‘Nai nam mee pla, nai na mee kao’ (There is fish in the water and rice in the fields) that speaks to the great abundance and fertility of the Thai kingdom.

Also signifying the global popularity of Thai food alongside the exquisite beauty of Thai art and culture, passed down from generation to generation, that can all be experienced in each and every bite.

Lunch Menu: 11.00 am – 2.30 pm (From 9 March to 9 June Only)
Dinner Samrub: 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Price: 2,512++THB Per Person subject to 10% service charge plus applicable government tax. See menu options

R-Haan showcase the essence of real Thai cuisine with full of the taste and flavor of authentic Thai food.

Address: 131 Sukhumvit 53 (Pai Di Ma Di), Khlong Tan Nuea, Wattana (4.83 mi) Bangkok, Thailand
BTS: Sky Train Thonglor Station

Tel: 66 (0) 95-141-5524 , 66 (0) 2-059-0433-4
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