Review: Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant New Menu – Sathorn – Silom, Bangkok

Truffle, an elegant natural additive giving rich and unique aroma, is a tiny, yet vital, part of Italian and other Western cuisine, as it does make a huge difference.

By Fah & Pam 

Apart from being the mighty truffle-driven restaurant, Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant comes with a lot of stories to tell. Urbani Truffles has been the world-class truffles expert since 1852, and its expertise is getting stronger each passing year.

Right in the heart of Bangkok, we can now savour top-notch tastes of truffle dishes made by real truffle virtuoso. Only fresh truffles are added to the edible crafts.


With passionate and professional mixologists, an array of creative drinks are available, most of which come with a slight scent of truffle.

When it comes to wine, this place is a virtuoso, with circa 300 high-quality choices of wines. Most of them are Italian, and prices are very reasonable. Another impressive part is a number of Italian beers, which are not so easy to find!


Most of the menus here comprise seasonal truffles, as well as home-made goods. You can enjoy the feast as a-la-carte or a customizable course.

Rivoli Truffle

For starters, Beef Truffle Tartare (THB 850) is an ideal choice to trigger your appetize here, as you can sense the truffle-ness distinctly on the bouncy beef.

Baked Salted Sea Bass

Here comes the main course time, and it’s really hard just to pick one. Each dish is an impressive result from hand-picked ingredients and meticulous cooking.

Fig & Foie Gras Salad (THB 850) gives a unique flavor, and foie gras goes along well with brandy honey; Truffle Cream and Truffle Popcorn (THB 590) is a playful soup heartily made with various mushroom and topped with popcorn that will definitely satisfy your love for truffles.

Beyond compare is Hida Gyu Confit (THB 1,900) with an alluring hint of truffle and porcini on the melt-in-your-mouth beef, which is best to be enjoyed with truffle salt.

Another is Slow Cooked Lamb Tenderloin (THB 980), with is strictly cooked in perfect degree of heat.

Also recommended are Risotto Porcini Beef Cheek (THB 890), as the beef cheek is flawlessly slow-cooked, resulting in ultra-tenderness; Scallop Risotto (THB 980) with seared Hokkaido scallop on squid-inked Carnaroli Risotto.

Lobster XO Sauce (THB 1,800) with juicy Canadian Lobster and homemade pasta.

Seafood plates here are unmissable as well, especially fresh Lobster Truffle Brandy (THB 1,400) to be savored with lobster bisque sauce

One-off Smoked Truffle Chutoro (THB 980) that leaves the tastiest feeling in your mouth; and Baked Salted Sea Bass (THB 890) with sophisticatedly creamy sauce.


Our guest, Pawadee Isarankura, Communications Director of D Prompt Communication is a food and wine aficionado. She is greatly impressed by Hida Gyu Confit, as she personally loves beef, and despite having tried plenty of beef steaks elsewhere, there is something different about the dish here that amazes her. Also favorited by her the Beef Truffle Tartare, Scallop Risotto, and Coconut Platter.

Wondrously, desserts here are groomed with truffles as well! Mango and Truffle (THB 420) is the one recommended for end-of-the-meal refreshment.

Coconut Platter (THB 420) is creatively handmade to look like real coconut, and tastes heavenly, and you wouldn’t find anything like this outside of this restaurant.

Getting There

Take a BTS Sky Train to Chong Nonsi and take the Exit 1, and you will find the connecting walkway straight to Sathorn Square Building. You will need to contact an agent on G Floor first, and he/she will let you pass the entrance to the elevator. Located on the North Sathorn road, it is also convenient to get there by taxi. Parking lot available.


39th floor, Sathorn Square Bldg.

98 North Sathorn Rd., Silom, Bangrak,

10500 Bangkok, Thailand

T: +66 (0) 2 233 1990/1



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