Royal Andaman

Ranong Time Machine Boat Trip take visitors back to Rattanakosin 109 started every day at 05:00 pm. to 08:00 pm. and every 1st of October to 30th of May. The trip started at Ranong Light house pier (Baan Kao Nang Hong). The type of boat is wooden boat for over a hundred years old. Route: Pier to Soranee Island to Konathee Island. Activities a Ranong traditional dress (provide for free for all guests), listen to acoustic music, enjoy dinner and traditional game. Cuisine: Each person will receive a traditional set menu Schedule: – 04:45 pm. All must be ready at the light house. – 05:00 pm. Set sail and travel following the route – 06:00 pm. Watch the sun set – 06:30 pm. Dinner – 07:30 pm. Traditional game Price: – 1299 baht per person only traditional cuisine – 1599 baht per person traditional cuisine + Sea food (Limited to 45 person) If there are less than 15 people the trip may be cancel or postpone For more information please check Royal Andaman Tour


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