Review: One MICHELIN Star SAAWAAN: July 2020

Thai fine dining with the progressive twists, Saawaan sets on Sathorn, Suan Plu Soi 2 road and it’s not far from Silom area.

Story & Photos by Wanida Tardivel – Article by www.luxurysocietyasia.com

Read Thai version?

Saawaan re-opens its doors with a new menu created by Chef de Cuisine Sujira ‘Aom’ Pongmorn and Chef Pâtissière Arisara “Paper” Chongphanitkul.

Saawaan means “Heaven”, to me this place is heaven on earth. This is the kitchen theatre of chefs to modernize and innovate the modern Thai authentic cuisine for their diners.Article by www.luxurysocietyasia.com

Saawaan new culinary journey features 

Frog | Lesser Ginger | Holy Basil | River Weeds

Fermented Noodle | Peanut | Mung Bean | Organic Vegetables

Ranong Barracuda | Snake Fruit | Turmeric | Acacia Leaves

Chamuang | Thai Kumquat | Riceberry | Young Coconut

Nakhon Pathom Quail | Papaya | Prickly-Ash | Sida Tomato

Chef Aom selects her ingredients mostly within Thailand and presents them in the forms of delicious and pretty Thai traditional cooking styles

Rice Paddy Crab | Somsaa | Red Curry Paste | Sticky Rice

This popular dish is originated from the local dish, made from the fat of Sing Buri wild rice paddy crabs mixed with Thai herbs before putting back in the crab’s shell and grilled. The crab is served with grilled wraps of coconut milk-scented sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf. The dip is light yet flavourful and delectable.

Seen some shots from the visit.

Ama Ebi | Cucumber | Coconut | Kaffir Lime Oil

Fermentation is commonly used in Thai food, an example of which is Kanom Jeen, thin rice noodles that have been fermented for days. This new dish serves the noodles, which have been fermented for weeks, in a peanut and mung bean sauce accompanied by a selection of tempura made from vegetables, herbs and flowers from an organic farm in Nakhon Pathom. Article by www.luxurysocietyasia.com

Beef Tongue | Homemade Massaman Paste | Almond | Grapes

The Massaman curry with local beef served with tongue, grapes and mini Roti. The depth of flavor gives this a perfect curry to the experience of the meal. 

Mini Roti to eat with Mussaman

Chocolate from Chanthaburi | Chumphon | Chiang Mai

You will experience new dimensions of the Thai dessert created by chef Paper. Her dessert dishes is a real happy ending for the meal.

A tea pairing is also available, showcasing premium wild teas from northern Thailand, including green, yellow, white, puerh, oolong and black tea served as a kombucha.

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Food only 1,980 THB++Wine Pairing 1,890 THB++ Tea Pairing 680 THB++

Address:  39/19 Soi Suan Plu (Soi 2). Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: 66 (02)  679 3775

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