A new Thai fine dining with the progressive twists, Saawaan sets on main road Suan Plu Soi 2 , a little alley of Sathorn Road, one of the main Bangkok’s central business districts in Bangkok, Thailand.

Story & Photos by Wanida Tardivel, Joy Luxury Society Asia 

Saawaan means “Heaven”, to me this place is heaven on earth. This is the kitchen theatre of chef Sujira Pongmorn (Chef Aom is what people called her by short) and her crews used to modernize and innovate the modern Thai authentic cuisine for their diners.

Chef Aom selects her ingredients mostly within Thailand listing from the Northen part down to the Southern part of Thailand and presents them in the forms of delicious and pretty Thai traditional cooking styles ranging from salads, dips, fermented, stir-fries, soups, curries, steam, and grill dishes before sending us off with the stunningly Thai-inspired delicacies.  You will experience new dimensions of  Thai desert created by Arissara Chongphanitkul (Paper), Chef Patissier.

Saawaan culinary journey 

Amuse Bouche ไข่ลูกเขย 

To start our journey, Kai Look Kei, the Thai-style fried egg with tamarind sauce, was served in an eggshell laid on the straw nest. However, it doesn’t look like its name as the egg was recreated in a form of layers from the sous vided egg yolk, crispy shallots, juicy tamarind sauce, and topped with young tamarind leaf. To eat, we mixed them well before eating. The taste was fantastic and indeed appetizing and exciting us for the next dishes to come.

RAW ก้อยปลา – Amberjack | Rice Powder | Kaffir Lime

Koi is a raw meat Thai herbal salad with dried chili. Saawaan made its own version using amberjack or Hamaji. This dish is freshly made by your table by the chef. Starting with chopping the amberjack into small cubes, then mix with grounded roasted sticky rice, lemongrass, karrif lime and shallots before seasoning with somsaa dressing. The juiciness of the fish was complimented with refreshing Thai herbs and citrusy dressing that we were totally in love for.

DIP มันปูนา – Rice Rice Paddy Crab 

This dish is originated from the local dish, made from the fat of Sing Buri wild rice paddy crabs mixed with Thai herbs before putting back in the crab’s shell and grilled. The crab is served with grilled wraps of coconut milk-scented sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf. The dip is light yet flavourful and delectable.

FERMENTED แหนมเนื้อข้าวทอด – Beef | Pickled Cucumber | Thai Herbs

Naem Khao Tod is one of our Thai famous street food dishes. For Saawaan’s version, the dish was dressed up beautifully and perfectly seasoned. With the use of new ingredients to the dish such as crispy ginger, pickled cucumber, tender beef brisket cubes and fermented organic beef and okra leaves, and the taste is impressively elevated to another level of satisfaction.

BOILED ต้มโคล้งหอยนางรม – Jean-Paul Oyster | Mushroom | Palm Heart | Smoked Fish

A juicy Jean-Paul Oyster from France came with a herbally hot fish soup base with added crunchy texture from the sliced palm heart and mushrooms. The depth of flavor from the fish puree when combining with the slightly salty oyster and the herbal broth give this bowl a perfect soup to the experience of the night.

MIANG เมี่ยงใบชา – Wild Tea Leaves

Next, the heat of the soup is reduced with the fermented tea leaves mix on top of the betal leaf. This tangy leafy wrap washes away the heat and the deep flavor of fish, ready to continue with the new dish.

STEAMED ห่อหมกใบบัว – Krabi Cobia | Lotus | Curry

Steamed curried fish minced mixed with parts of lotus including seeds, stems and roots giving the crunchy and delighting textures to the soft and smooth texture of the dish. The scent of lotus comes through from the outer lotus leaf the wrapped the curry.

STIR-FRIED กะเพราปลาหมึก – Songkhla Squid | Basil | Mushroom | Cured Egg Yolk

The flat noodle squid seasoned with squid ink is served with diced mushroom in a hot and spicy pesto-inspired krapraw sauce. The dish is topped with grated cured egg yolk to complete the nutty taste to it. Mix well and eat, then you will find yourself lost in the harmony of this dish.

CHARCOAL คอหมูย่างถ่าน – Iberico Secreto Pork | Thai Marinade

This is the dish that we loved, the Iberico pork is marinaded in the spicy tamarind sauce over night, then grilled. Served with pickled sour bilimbi (or called ‘Ta Ling Pling’ in Thai), grounded roasted sticky rice and young tamarind leaves. The meat is cooked to perfect, tender, juicy and very tasteful with the great scent of herbs.

CURRY ไก่กะทิกับข้าวลืมผัว – Free-Range Chicken | ‘Forget Husband Rice’

Chicken breast and tight are rolled together and cooked perfectly, topped with pineapple and coconut cream foam, caramelized pineapple and young wild bamboo shoot and served with heavenly delicious curry sauce and the ‘forget husband rice’. This is worth every bit for being the main course.

Pre-dessert sorbet

Before the dessert time arrives, enjoy served a tangy and refreshing pre-dessert sorbet made from fresh lime and culantro (or ‘Pak Chee Farang’ in Thai) and sided with pickled Mamuang How Manow Ho (bengal currents).

Somsaa Tartlet, jasmine meringue and durian chocolate ทาร์ตส้มซ่า อุบะเมอแรงมะลิ และช็อกโกแลตทุเรียน

DESSERT สังขยาฟักทอง – Thong Ampai Pumpkin | Chonburi Coconut

After a series of Thai modern and delicious dishes, this luscious pumpkin queen just lands in front of you for a perfect finish. Created and refined by Chef Arisara Chongphanitkul (Paper), this dessert dish is a real happy ending for the night.

Open Wednesday to Monday 18:30-23:00

Address:  39/19 Soi Suan Plu (Soi 2). Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: 66 (02)  679 3775