Chiva-Som International Health Resort unveils the first images of the mock-up renovated Thai Pavilion room and the brand new Thai Pavilion Suite which will open in November 2018. Along with the accommodation, renovations to the Fitness area, the Emerald Room and the Orchid Lounge will also be unveiled in November 2018. This enhancement to the resort’s offering follows the launch of the new Ocean Rooms and Suites in January 2017 and is part of the resortwide renovation plan which, after short periods of closure from 1 May – 31 October 2018 and the same period in 2019, will see the resort relaunched into a new era of wellness.

The style of the new interior is contemporary Thai, and is realised with materials such as local teak, silk and bamboo. With an outdoor terrace, the aesthetic of the Thai Pavilion Suite is light and serene, creating a calming effect and reflecting the tranquility of the resort. The enlarged space makes the surrounding greenery much more relevant to the guest’s experience. The Thai Pavilion Suite comprises a bedroom and en suite bathroom spread across 76 sq m. Space has been maximised to give guests an expanded bedroom and living area, including an additional long sofa and study desk; a larger bathroom, now with two vanity counters, a new make-up counter and more connecting space for shower room and bathtub; and a larger dressing room with two luggage racks and floor to ceiling wall mirrors to reflect even more light. For more relaxation and well-being, the ceiling has been raised to give an airy feel.

The ‘Thai Pavilion Suite’ is approximately 107 sq m. and includes an outdoor pantry and its own outdoor private sala, its most unique feature. This glass-walled private space for around 6 guests is set amidst the tranquil gardens and is suitable for private breakfast, lunch and dinner, meditation or just for relaxing. Glass doors, automatic blinds and insect screens in the sala can be kept open or closed, in either case offering beautiful views of the surrounding lake and gardens.

The wellness resort’s multifaceted renovation will be implemented under the direction of Mr. Krip Rojanastien, Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som International Health Resort, together with Designrealization Siam Co., Ltd, a distinguished design company, allowing for innovations in Chiva-Som’s offering and a unique wellness experience for guests throughout their stay.

Chiva-Som is Asia’s first comprehensive wellness retreat and destination spa, providing an integrated and personalised approach to transformations of mind, body and spirit for optimal well-being.

Chiva-Som Hua Hin is Asia’s first comprehensive wellness resort, providing proven transformations towards optimal wellness. Nestled in seven acres of tranquil grounds, it’s a beachfront resort dedicated to revitalising the mind, body and spirit (represented by its tri-part logo). Western practices and Eastern philosophies are brought together in a wellness resort which provides services for guests to develop healthy habits and lifestyle transformation; it has been given recognition by readers and industry experts alike as one of the outstanding wellness resorts in the world for since its launch 22 years ago.

The resort received the prestigious Green Globe certification which recognises its commitment to the world’s highest environmental standards in all levels of operation. Since its launch the resort has been dedicated to operating as ethically and sustainably as possible. Their dedicated CSR team has implemented many initiatives, policies and practices for energy efficiency and conservation, waste water treatment and reuse, fresh water conservation, waste minimisation and recycling, air quality management and environmentally friendly product usage.