Pai’s Best Wine Bar & Restaurant: Silhouette by Reverie Siam


The holiday is coming, Pai is one of a must to visits for this season. We chose Reverie Siam to stay and experienced the in-house restaurant and bar named Silhouette. 

Silhouette’s décor style is comfy, warm and displays a lot of vintage collections. There is a wine cellar on the wooden floor and a real leather sofa for long conversations. Meeting with peers could be a terrace area that connected to the greenery pathway and lighten by the candle after sunset time.  

By Pasuta P. (Pam)

Silhouette recently celebrated for its 6 years anniversaries, providing wine week from various countries. During the visit, it was Austrian Wine Week, so it’s a good time to pair it with a new tapas menu in a concept ‘live like a local’.  All food is locally sourced, chosen for quality and flavour first and foremost.

Our wine list tonight was recommended by professional sommelier, Khun Pira, who completed his wine journey in Europe and Asia.

We started from Sparkling; Christoph Hoch Kalkspitz Pet Nat Demeter (THB 180 by glass) paired with Warm Purple Sweet Potato. This first appetizer was naturally sweet and soft from selected local potato, topped with red cotton tree flower deep fried and colored by spicy strawberry sauce.

Next, Yum Appleroll out the grilled boar mix tasty herbs, apple compote with sweet fish sauce. Less spicy but pulled the herb scent quite smoothly. 

Cauliflower Soup rose up with its creamy texture served with rice berry bread. 

Tea & Wild Rice Salad looks simple but very tasty. It’s mixes of fermented tea leaves, red cabbage, cherry tomato, baya flower, crispy local soybean, lime and sunflower oil. This is one of the highlights and I’d recommend to order two plates to fill your needs! I paired it with Claus Presinger Kalkundkiesel Weiss from Burgenland (THB 220 by glass).

Chicken Hug would be another choice for dinner time; steamed aromatic chicken wrapped in banana leaves, roast rice coated with organic egg. It’s a little bit spicy. No worry the sticky rice will solve this out. I paired it with Weingut Knoll Riesling Federspiel Loibner, from Wachau at THB 250 by glass. 

Beef Galangal Using galangal paste in a beef stew with local rice noodle and herb-crusted. 

Dessert time served with Mango Sorbet topped on milky jasmine rice. The rice mousse is fantastic!

Before say good night, let close your eyes and drift into DayDream. The signature cocktail crafted by fusion syrup, herbs and whisky. The guideline recommended to sip earl grey tea to add a grounding flavor to the mix, and allow the drink to spread through your entire mouth. 

Address:    Reverie Siam Resort 476 Moo 8, Vieng Tai Pai,  Mae Hong Son 58130 
Contact:     + 66 (0) 53 699870