Skintopia – Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Have your heard about Red Light Therapy? Check out why USA Olympic team, premiership footballers, athletes use Red Light  for health and performance. What is this therapy about?

Initially developed by NASA in the US to help grow plants in space, RED Light Therapy has evolved into a natural non-invasive way to help the human cell to rejuvenate and heal itself.

Skintopia Bangkok was established in 2016 by Gorgeous Body & Skincare Co Ltd, to offer the latest innovation of Red Light Therapy for health and beauty enthusiasts in Thailand.

Story & Photo by Wanida Tardivel

Athletes who are seeking non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries, Red Light Therapy aims to relief pain and a speedier recovery. Whether you have suffered an injury to your legs, back, shoulder or other areas. Alleviating and relieving wrist, neck, deep muscle, shoulder, joint and sore back pain. Helping to repair damaged tissue, muscle growth and skeletal muscle performance; Healing bruises quickly and reduce swelling; Easing ankle injuries; Rejuvenating fatigued muscles

With the use of state of the art CE approved equipment imported from the UK, Skintopia offers non-invasive full-body Red Light Therapy treatments to naturally stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in one’s body.  It also enhances blood circulation by the formulation of new capillaries to speed up the healing process in damaged skin and muscles.  Red Light Therapy has been evaluated by multiple medical studies.  For example, when those who suffered multiple sclerosis and some types of blindness were treated with Red Light Therapy, their damaged tissue was repaired and their cellular function returned to normal.

For Beauty:  The revolutionary technology utilized will help make one’s skin look younger, healthier and firmer. By penetrating deeply into the skin’s dermis layer, the Red Light Therapy stimulates the natural production of the skin’s collagen levels. Collagen, often referred to as the miracle protein, is incredibly plentiful in the body and has a wide range of benefits. When its’ levels are high, one’s skin will benefit from increased moisture levels, more elasticity and also stronger hair.

As a result of frequent treatment sessions, it fades the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles on your forehead, eyes and throughout your body Reduces rough skin and the unsightly appearance of large pores, promotes firmer, brighter and healthier skin. it helps eradicate rosacea, acne, repair sun damage to your skin and reduce stretch marks and scarring. Heals blemishes faster. It also produces more collagen and elastin in your body.

By 2019, Skintopia will open three new centers in major areas of Bangkok to facilitate its’ customers, while by 2020, it will also have centers in Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Special offer for Luxury Society Asia members: Special 15% discount of normal retail priced packages of 6 sessions, 12 sessions or 24 sessions within 31 August, 2018.   The package is valid 12 months from the date of first use. Prices include pre eye and face creams, 1st can of body spray and post body cream.

Skintopia center is located on the third floor of Times Square Building, with the same level convenient access to the BTS station: Asoke 

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